PhlizonGrowLight - Reviews

Amazing products, best of all extremely powerful lights.
Phlizon is a awesome company. I ordered there ph-x4 pro 2000 model. Light came super fast and my plants love it! The company Evan sent me a 100watt light for free. I can't wait to upgrade to one of there 1000watt models.
I run a PL4500 IR/UV 450W light aswell as their PHX4 240W ..
Have had several nice grows using both lights . With Photoperiod and Autoflower beans aswell as even a couple bonsai trees ..

Couldn't be happier honestly, definitely going to upgrade once I'm able !! Highly recommend the models I've used so far , can only see better things from the other models I've yet to get my hands on.
Purchase a PL4500 450W QB style light . Couldn't be happier, it has a IR/UV switch aswell as a dimmer. This lights been making some real nice buds @!!
I purchased a Phlizon FD 4500 six bar folding LED and it has helped my bloom time. The spectrum is great as well. Easy to setup and dim too. SSgrower,Cheers!
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