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Texas Kid
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Jul 23, 2017
Mar 26, 2008
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The Front Range
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Texas Kid

Some guy with a light, Male, from The Front Range

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Jul 23, 2017
    1. StradiG
      Any chance you still have any Chocolate Thai left around? Long time breeder looking to start a new project.
    2. stanknkatz
      Thot I'd drop by and say hey to my fave Justice of the Peace..... keep it green mang!
      1. Texas Kid
        Texas Kid
        Hope all is going good in world to my friend
        May 28, 2015
    3. DieselTerp
      Hey, Texas. I recall you posting about post-harvest handling and the resultant product displayed at dispensaries being a shell of what you once knew. Could you possibly find the thread in which you detailed your experience? I'd like to quote it. Thank you.
      1. Texas Kid
        Texas Kid
        No idea what thread that was..probably in a Colorado weed sucks thread or something similar
        May 12, 2015
        windshear13 likes this.
    4. JayJammer
      Hey TK, I read here that one of your favorite past setups was 2x600Ws (Dual-bulb hood) over a 3'x3' tray. Now with the DE bulbs taking over, would you ever use this setup again?
      1. Texas Kid
        Texas Kid
        DE all the way from now till something more badass comes out. Not sure if I coupld run a DE setup in a tent though, pretty tight space
        Mar 4, 2015
    5. Murphy
      Hi just wondering? If a co2 burner is not calibrated right and is burning 2000 ppms will that decrease yield?and what is ethylene gas?thanks
      1. Texas Kid
        Texas Kid
        It won't decrease yields but anything above 3 times atmosphere or 1500ppm is a waste. I run all mine at 1100-1200ppm
        Jan 26, 2015
      2. Murphy
        I'm trying to figure outs wrong??nothing has changed except co2 was running high,ro water is 7ppms but yield is almost half of what is norm??do ballasts go bad after 4 5 yrs?thanks
        Jan 26, 2015
    6. Reylan
      Like your style Tex!
    7. Duke Diamond
      Duke Diamond
      texas kid long time !!!! saw you said you didnt have the kq , also saw lonestar passed...r.i.p, anywho hope your good and shoot me a message buddy. going to be going west in 19 days and counting
    8. Billygoat
      Sorry, I haven't gotten back to you. Hope all is going well. Been thinking about all the years that have passed. Man, it's been some years in a blink of the eye. Take care, TK
      1. Texas Kid likes this.
    9. cannabeans
      Hey bro... Read a while back that you were using agrosun bulbs. Did you run them with digi ballast or magnetic?
    10. shamus dolan
      shamus dolan
      hey brother long time, been getting the company together. hope all is good in your neck of the woods
    11. rawman
      heard you were out eating good last night brother, enjoying life a little. Thought to myself nice wish I could've made it. Hope everything is going good out there!
    12. ShroomKing
      You post some of the best threads. Thanks for your work. Peace
    13. Turt3l
      Hello, heard about you from a friend of mine, that you help people setup large scale ops in co. I am from Maine. I am working with a group of angel investors that wish to start a commercial facility for high CBD strains from CDB crew Shantibaba, for oil production. I am looking for consulting and help making this happen, there is no financial limit. Please call or email
      texas i was wondering if your threads on ripeness and telling harvest window are still here? was mentioned to me by seamaiden, however couldnt find it sir. Any help is greatfully appreciated!
    15. Drew925
      Seems like your the authority on all things grown good. I'm completely new to growing and will be starting in a few weeks. I can see you are extremely knowledgable and passionate about what you do.
      Any suggestions on where I can find a good green crack grow journal using an under current system?
      Thanks for whatever advice you give
    16. Resingrower
      What up Homie, long time. Was surprised to find a Skeleton crew still may take you a second though ...
    17. 4214evr
      I remember a long while back you were doing ricks oil and so im wondering if youve ever had it tested . Sorry to bugg but was noticing your posts in Charlettes Web
    18. eck2014
      hey man -- was hoping to hear some info regarding the CT beans or its offspring.. try to get back to me when you have time.. if not no big deal man.. thanks
    19. thirdeyemama
      Hey kid how's my favorite guy. I'm getting a very itchy green thumb for the oncoming season feeling a little lost in the frozen tundra. Chickens geese ducks and Peacocks are all doing well… How the hell are you darling?

      My harvest remains to be smoked at at this point. I've enjoyed all of the process of growing harvesting curing… Seems I can do smoke about a gram a week though…
    20. patriots333
      sup texas , moved from dallas to Colorado , get away from the bullshit , love this free ac
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    The Front Range
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    Under Currents and contaners
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    Over the top
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    Full on Hydro
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    a few killers
    I grow and talk about growing....alot


    We are stardust, Billion year old carbon, We are golden, Caught in the devils bargain, And we've got to get ourselves Back to the garden