Chem Cookies

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    Chem Cookies


    Divine Genetics
    Chemdawg #4 x Girl Scout Cookies
    Flowering Time:
    8-9 weeks
    • Medium
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
    • Greenhouse
    10 seeds per pack

    Seed Description

    This hybrid of two legendary strains for the true Indica lover. Dense frosty nugs with the aroma of coffee, plums and fuel provide an instant high that is both cerebral, stony and long lasting.

    The increased vigor of this strain makes for hardy vigorous plants that resist stress, are easy to grow and produce an abundance of dense frosty flowers.

    This hybrid produces medium sized phenos that are very rigid with great structure and strong branching. These two elite strains compliment each other perfectly, creating a superior Indica hybrid.

    More Photos
    chem 4 x gsc 898 copy.jpg chem 4 x gsc 777 copy.jpg chem 4 x gsc 456 copy.jpg chem 4 x gsc 34.jpg chem 4 x gsc 99 copy.jpg chem 4 x gsc 66 copy.jpg chem 4 x gsc 88 copy.jpg

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