Confidential Cookies

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    Confidential Cookies


    Mad Scientist Genetics
    Confidential Cheese x Dream Cookie
    Flowering Time:
    56-63 days
    • Medium
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
    • Greenhouse
    12 seeds per pack

    Seed Description

    Confidential Cheese
    Is a crossbred hybrid of Cheese and LA Confidential. This indica-dominant strain has pale green crystal-covered buds with a sour cheese aroma inherited from its parent. Medical patients have used the potent and heavy effects of Confidential Cheese to treat severe pain, insomnia, and lost appetite. For growers, this strain finishes flowering in 8 to 9 weeks with moderate yields.

    Dream Cookie
    Is a perfectly mixed hybrid strain that harmoniously blends genetics from two fan favorites, Super Blue Dream and Girl Scout Candy. This robust and fragrant variety produces a euphoric body buzz and a strong sativa kick that keeps your energy up. Though a good choice for social gatherings and mood elevation, Dream Cookie might not be ideal for focus as attention and thoughts tend to wander aimlessly with this strain.

    70 %indica/30% sativa
    Tested: Fully tested
    Yield: Medium/heavy
    THC: 24.33%

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