1. Dog Paddle
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    by Golden Lion Genetics
    13-15 seeds per pack
    Flowering Time:
    8-9 weeks
    • Medium
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
    • Greenhouse
    Indica/Sativa Mix

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Cannabis Seeds Lineage

Chemdawg 91 x Crystal Ship

Marijuana Seeds Description

The Dog Paddle is a very fast growing plant from the start, very headstrong and pole plant on some phenotypes until you break them down(lst) or aggresively super crop but def rec keeping her supported and structured as she will put out some longer than chemdog colas and churn out more frost on them as well. An added spice is in many offspring and varying amounts of skunkyness and sour/fuel odors permeate heavily. Some can take longer to ripen but the yields are solid and worth the time rewarding the patient grower!

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