1. Luxor

    by Sin City Seeds
    15 seeds per pack
    Flowering Time:
    55-65 days
    • Medium
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
    • Greenhouse
    Indica/Sativa Mix

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Cannabis Seeds Lineage

Triangle Kush x SinMint Cookies

Marijuana Seeds Description

Triangle Kush
Is a mysterious indica that hails from Florida. It’s named after the triangle created by the State’s three largest cannabis-producing cities, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami. Like many other Kush strains, the aroma of Triangle Kush is of pungent, sweet pine and earth. A floral brightness may hit the nose on the first sniff, but it’s shortly followed by a more robust, earthy quality that perhaps lends to the grounded and relaxing effects of the herb.

SinMint Cookies
Is Sin City Seeds’ signature hybrid cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Power. Leaning slightly to the indica side, SinMint Cookies provides powerfully euphoric effects that let your mind float blissfully away from the day’s stresses. Its aroma is a subtle mix of earthy sweetness with a trace of sharp mint.

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