OG Cake

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    OG Cake


    Mad Scientist Genetics
    Bird Dawg OG x Cheese Cake
    Flowering Time:
    56-63 days
    • Medium
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
    • Greenhouse
    12 seeds per pack

    Seed Description

    BirdDawg OG
    The famous Girl Scout Cookies clone was crossed to the male Tahoe Alien OG. And then crossed again to the reversed girl scout cookies clone, expect some serious fire in this elite 3 way hybrid.

    Cheese Cake
    A genuine marvel of flavor combinations, the Cheesecake lends true to its namesake. Marrying sweet scent from the Confidential Cheese lineage with GSC whips up a symphony of delicate, but in no way subtle bouquets of gentle sweet cream scents with a distinct baked, doughy, combined-with-earthy, nutty smells. The long spears, often peaked with multi-stacked foxtails, are uniquely combined with a heavy sandy coating of crystals and present a unique and appealing flower. An eye-opening sour kushy inhale shocks the palate, setting up a scrumptiously sweet departure.

    80 %indica/20% sativa
    Tested: fully tested
    Yield: medium/heavy
    THC 25.53%

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