1. Purple DogBud

    7 seeds per pack
    Flowering Time:
    8-9 weeks
    • Medium
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
    • Greenhouse
    Indica/Sativa Mix

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Cannabis Seeds Lineage

Chemdog '91sva x Purple Urkle

Marijuana Seeds Description

Chemdawg #91
The original Chemdawg genetics are full of legend. Most believe the strain to be an unknown Indica crossed with a Thai Landrace. Chemdawg 91’s medicinal attributes are Hybrid in nature, offering the best of both the Sativa and Indica effects. The initial release is aggressive, pure Sativa in nature, and provides an intense cerebral experience often described as a rush of energy. From there, 91’s Indica characteristics begin to come on like a waterfall trickle throughout the body. Chemdawg 91’s physical effects are linked to the OG Kush genetics.

The deep, body relief coupled with the heightened cerebral focus provides a powerful experience, which can be very helpful for patients treating anxiety or seeking to decompress from the stress of the day. This multifaceted body and mind effect is why patients often choose Chemdawg 91 for conditions such as chemotherapy, AIDS/HIV, arthritis and chronic pain. Chemdawg 91 has a musky, earthy aroma. Similar to diesel fuel, the distinct smell lingers. The taste is earthy sweet, with a sharp, peppery finish – like a fine red wine.

Purple Urkle
Its history is as complex as its flavor palate. A California strain, the origins are believed to stem from a select phenotype of either Granddaddy Purple or Mendocino Purps, while the essence is a blend of skunk, berry, and fresh grapes. Consumers report the indica effects to be deeply relaxing, sleep-inducing, and a great option for full-body pain relief. The short onset of effects make it a perfect nighttime strain for those who suffer from insomnia.

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