1. Red Rover

    by Thunderfudge Genetics
    10 seeds per pack
    Flowering Time:
    60-65 days
    • Medium
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
    • Greenhouse
    Indica/Sativa Mix

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Cannabis Seeds Lineage

(Wi-Fi x Ultimate Chem 08) x Fire Alien Strawberry

Marijuana Seeds Description

My short wifi 08 "range rover" cut frosted up,upsized,and dipped in strawberry candy.top early and defoliate the bottoms.there is some very nice berry OG genotypes.a few days of preflowering will really encourage tight nodes and a happy harvest.

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PakMan (Af-Pak x Pinkman)
Extremely vigorous colors from green to velvet with sweet candy Red vines and bubblegum are very common smells and tastes, these are very uniform plants that naturally assume a Christmas tree shape, very fast flowering and beautiful color's to explore please enjoy them.

Pink Alien Fire (Pinkman X Fire Alien Strawberry)
Pinkman comes from predator pink crossed to bubba ogers, we used the best of the predator pink phenos and a very strong bubba ogers male, these plants love to be trained and filled up under a scrog or to be let loose outdoor or greenhouse style. Flowers in 8 weeks outdoor in 9 weeks. She is known for extremely large 12 bladed fan leaves and pink hues.she has a floral berry and lemon kush taste and smell.most genotypes are medium to heavy yielders.

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