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  1. Tape
    This article contains several pieces of wrong information which a lot of the writing is then based on.

    Almost no light passes though a leaf, and that which does is diffused and green (useless); cannabis absorbs a quarter of the suns energy (but a 6th of the light, since photons of differing wavelengths has differing amounts of energy, infrared the lowest), and half the energy within the human visible spectrum (irrelevant). Well above 90% of the remaining non-absorbed light is reflected, depending on the concentration of pigment in the leaf; what passes through should be considered useless, because it is absolutely. "removal of fan leaves would only provide a [100%] increase light transmission outdoors"...

    The inverse square rule law assumes a 100% omnidirectional light source in open space, nothing involving reflectors, reflective tent walls or other means of concentrating the light like lenses; thus it's a useless rule to base calculations on within this field. It's wrong that light intensity diminishes with distance (except some collides with air particles, contributing nothing of relevance within a short distance). Only because you potentially spread out the light instead of focusing it in the same direction, the light will get shared by a bigger surface with distance, the faster the less focused it is; if it's 100% focused in the exact same direction, distance becomes totally irrelevant. If you want to do rough calculations, you need to apply the spread angle of your particular light setup in the calculation, but it will still ignore significant factors like reflective walls.

    The rest is people contradicting each others mere speculation, which they drew precise conclusions from; very unprofessional. A lot is based on nothing solid. It's basically a collection of personal beliefs. To be honest a lot is straight idiotic bullshit, eg. do trim fan leaves in veg as needed rather than bloom to avoid stress during the naturally most stressful period, do it to allow the lower growth more light to then exponentially outgrow and thus make more energy than what was lost by trimming (since it can continue growing as opposed to a fully grown leaf; doing it in bloom would contradict the purpose), don't avoid clean dirtyish cuts, it equals low stress training and higher resistance to bacteria later in life when the plant becomes truly vulnerable. All this shit is common sense. I don't know why this field clings so hard, gullibly and blindly to information regarding it, despite them not understanding it (they couldn't since no facts back it up). Half the shit going around are misconceptions, and fuck knows the rest is based on nothing scientific.