1 year with light mover what a waste of $$$

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by booms, Oct 7, 2009.

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    It's not a scam. They grow herb of the highest quality.
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    so do we all agree for blooming rooms light movers are not worth buying? was wondering what would happen to plants in veg room with light mover. you all know how plants move towards the light in no time in veg cycle so what would the plants do with the light moving back and forth all day. wouldnt be natural to them at all and i believe would "confuse" them since its so unnatural. be like standing in corn field with direct sunlight for minute then cloudy for minute over and over.......
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    I dont understand shouldnt t5 be more efficient than t8?

    What if the lightmover was moving with the speed of light.:cool0041:

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    I use a light mover in my flower room. I have one 1000w for a 4x6 area. My yield is pretty good, average 2 1/2 lbs.

    I dont think they are hype, I think it is the people who try to go with one light on a mover trying to do the job of two lights who arent happy with them.

    They work, but wont make miracles imo.
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    My freind would run 1000w on a mover over a 4x8 and then 2000w over a 4x8. The plants spend the first 4 weeks on the mover and then under the 2000w. Saves power with the same yeild i would guess.
    Why would you need a air cooled T-5 lol they dont get hot and work great.
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    I am in love with my circular light mover and I fully disagree.
    ^^^I believe that marijuana loves being grown under a canopy. Look at how it grows naturally around the equator, under tree canopy's. I believe that your hypothesis is forgetting about marijuana's natural environment. These tree canopy's do not confuse the plant.

    Clouds are also a natural part of the marijuana environment. I feel that your example of clouds does not support your hypothesis at all, but weakens it.

    Shade will definitely lead to lower yields, but I do not feel it is because the plant is confused.

    ^^That is probably the case most of the time.

    My recommendation is to only buy light movers if you have no possible way to add more lights. My problem is my electricity bill and I cannot raise it any more without raising more suspicion. Therefor the only way I could do more was to add the solar revolution, which spreads my light spectrum out without shading the plants. I do not recommend a light mover to spread your footprint out, this is where I feel most people go wrong.

    :character0095:btw my White that got 2nd place Indica at the 420 Cup was grown under my solar revolution.
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    what are your guys opinions about the light rail 5 with 9 lights over a 24ftx8ft footprint? its a commercial light mover and if stacked and balanced properly with 9 lights on it doesnt seem like much can go wrong??
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    love the concept of the spinning light ~
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    Light movers are not miracle workers, but they do have their place. Most people try to use half the light they need because they think a light mover will allow it. Incorrect. They are good if there is plenty of light, and it's not moving too far.
    T5 fluorescents are better than HID lighting in some scenarios. You need lots of them packed together, but they still produce less heat than a 400w HPS, and 3x the lumens (depending on quantity, of course).
    Cloning machines aren't necessary, but super easy to use and require no humidity dome or chemical root stimulators. They are also less prone to fungal attacks than stagnant moisture in a humidity dome.
    LED lights imo aren't quite dialed in yet, but they are good enough now to produce quality herb. The initial cost is the kicker.
    I'm not posting this to be a dick- Joe, it sounds like some salesperson sold you a load of crap along with your new equipment! Sorry, man, but if you have any of this stuff you aren't using, I could find a home for it... :) Peace!
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    im gonna go wit 2 x 600 hps and a 400 mh in between on a solar revolution. should i be in good condition?
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    Strange...when I added a light mover my yield went up 50%, mine is a 4 ft track in a 6 ft area with a 1000W kept about a foot away from the plants, never had any light burn or anything..I think they worth the investment if you ask me.
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    My friend owns a LightRail and he gets way better yeilds, LightRail is solid and made in colorado- you cant trust that made in china crap.
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    ya that's what i heard too. how it works is when the light comes in at angles more leaves get more light everywhere = better yields. plus no hot spots so your light can run closer and that provides you with better use of your wattage.
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    this is all due to genetics.. some genetics love low light.. and grow nice thick buds either way.. some don't.. I recently ran a 400w on a light mover .. in a 3x6x6 room.. and I have an OG that is loving it.. a few other strains didn't really do well. but there are deff genetics out there that grow amazing in low light settings.. put it this way.. im going to be doing an entire grow of 2 strains that did great.. under the400.. and I bet money that ill hit just under 2 pounds with a 400w on a mover..

    its all about the strains. some hate it . some do GREAT. will upload soon. going to be taking pictures once I get the rest of my situation in order.. just flipped big room to flower. so got a lot of lollipopping and lsting to do .