1000 plus watt LED Grow

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  1. K11NG

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    In a few days when I'm done chopping and weighing I will let everyone know what lights I am using. Just thought it would be less discussion on whos lights are better or if i worked with the compnay
  2. CA5P3R

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    Looking forward to your final K11NG, you deserve a nice harvest.
  3. K11NG

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    Thanx ca5per for the kind words gonna chop either tomm or thurs if I have time!
  4. testez

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    Make sure you take lot's bud porn shots for us. :p
  5. Kaiser Sose

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    Been lurking for awhile. This is an awesome grow. Those are some tastey looking nugs.

    I just ordered 4 led panels and I have 1000w hps and mh lights. I am setting up for my first "real" grow. My grower will be assisting/teaching me along the way. He is one of those my way or the highway type of growers.

    It should be interesting....

    Thanks again for the great journal and enjoy those buds!
  6. K11NG

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    I know i know. my issue is thers not enough time in the day for all the stuff I have to do and a little task as easy as taking good shots of the ladies is more trouble then it seems. I have to take the girls out of the room and get it in and stop being a lazy ass lol
  7. K11NG

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    well thanx for checkin in and I hope my journal gives a little better idea and proof that leds are on there waay up the totum pole.

    good luck with your new grow and if your grower knows his stuff then take what knowledge you caan from him and use what knowledge you have and when it all comes down to it, its all aabout what works for you.
  8. K11NG

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    thanx ca5per, I appreciate the good words and I beleive anyone interested in running leds need good resulted grows to learn from and give them te confidence to go with leds
  9. K11NG

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    OK so quick update, I have been flushing the remaining girls, I mentioned before that I had small issues with the kalishnikova strain I was running. don't know what the issue was but definitely will hurt my final weight numbers. anyway still positive, I harvested the 3 girls and the total yield was a yopping 36gs. one of the weighed out to 19 gs and the medicine was horrendous to be quite frank. the other 2 weighed out for a total of 17gs. that 17gs the medicine is amazing and I am curing it at the moment. OK now those numbers are embarrassing and would rather put it behind me but I am not stressing it at all.

    OK now to refresh the journal I have 1 white widow, 2 big bangs, and 2 kushage girls left. I chopped down 1 of the big bangs which took me 3 hrs give or take. the buds are packed with orange hairs and very exotic looking. I forgot to mention sticky as snatch. I am hardly experienced enough to give a close estimate of what the total weights going to be but a rough estimate is looking close to 3 zips.

    OK now that I kind of filled in the Grey areas I have to mention that my laptop is broken and I cant upload pictures from the PC that I am currently using. worst case scenario will post pics from my phone until computer is fixed, also the full report of this harvest might take a little longer then I would like but for a very good reason. had a baby this week!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I had a tightly planned schedule for this harvest but that all went out the window with my miracle. with that being said I will have to plan chopping, and drying accordingly to my new schedule.

    I wanted to put all this out there because if my lack of updates start to concern people I would hate to have this grow go down in the books as another one of those led grows that fell apart at the end.

    I am going to chop, dry, weigh, and post pictures and finally tell everyone what lights I'm using regardless of the results. I put many hrs into this grow and journal and will bring it to a close as I intended and everyone loyal who lurked expected.

    hope that wasn't to much of a rant but the damn dry ice extraction is extraordinary, blows the old fashion bubble bag extraction out the water. oh damn damn damn
  10. CA5P3R

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    Wow congratz on the new bundle of joy! I guess your wife harvest weight was a little more then your plants, (snicker).

    Dry ice extraction huh? I did bubblebags last time and pretty much had expected results, what would you say was much improved about using the dry ice? Not that it really matters, don't think they even sell dry ice around here.

    Still curious though.
  11. Hermitian

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    First, I'm glad to see you are getting positive results from your system.

    A 353 Watt LED system will impart about 310 Watts to the surface of projection at a distance of 1 meter. It looks like each of your units is projecting onto a surface of approximately 8 square feet, so that works out to about 40 Watts per square foot. Unless money is no object, then I would prefer to do this more cost effectively with 6500K T5 HO lights. Further, I would be targeting 75 Watts per square foot of projected area with the light source 1 meter from the plants.

    Also, readers should be aware that an LED system does not have an effective output in Watts that is greater than the actual draw. This misinformation arises from a faulty conversion from lumens (a measure of perceived light) to Watts (a measure of energy).

    So although I'm happy to see the LED technology advancing, I'm still very disappointed with the cost and the advertising approach used by some sellers.
  12. K11NG

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    thNX FRIEND, As far as the dry ice try an ice distributor thats where I got mine or a super market.
  13. CA5P3R

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    Think it is outlawed here haha. I am curious though why you liked it a lot better then BubbleBags, did you get more, less labour intensive?
  14. testez

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    I'm very interested in your reply as well. I make me own hash 2 and if there's a better way then let's explore!
  15. K11NG

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    Well for one it took about a third of the time and there is absolutly no mess. You only have to clean the one bag that you use depending on whatt micron you decide. As far as yeild I pyllled 36 gs wet a week later its down to about half. Ther first run with it turned to a nice gold color the second was greener but still good and the thurd run was alot more green but I'm sure it would still do the job to some extent. A dollar a pd of dry ice and much easier and much more yeild. I wont be using the bubble bags for anything else but dry ice extraction. If you want to see it done just search dry ice hash on youtube.

    Here are few pictures of chopping big bang and the hash I made with dry ice, will put more pics when laptop is fixed

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  16. CA5P3R

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    That's a nice bit of hash u got there. Was this all from trim or buds as well? How much of either would you say you used. With either BubbleBags regular method or this one do you dry your trim first or do it fresh?
  17. Hey man how far off from ur plants do you keep your LED lights?
  18. K11NG

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    I only use trim, 2 grocery bags like 3 quaters full, let all the trim dry till its crispy to the touch then throw it in the freezer till your ready to use. And I used 10 pds of dry ice which was an over kill but had to use it. 5 pds would have been planty.
  19. K11NG

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    I try to keep them around 12 to 18 in away, but running different strains its hard to keep an even canopy
  20. testez

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    Thx for the update on the dry ice. Interesting experiment. I wish I could do that shit but like casper said. Outlawed in these parts *sigh*