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11 On And 13 Off

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by cannabeans, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Does anyone have any experience with running their light this way? Ive read that Dj Short recommends this cycle to bring out different expressions in our beloved plant...
  2. hawkman


    which cycle? flower ? 12/12 or 11/13 really no difference - a plant will start to flower when there is a minumim of 10 hrs dark time
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  3. Definitely for flowering...
    I understand how it works... Im just asking because Dj Short mentions this method for flowering. Im wondering if anyone here has tried?
    Good? Bad?
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  4. cocoJoe


    I have tried 11/13.. I so no benefit to this light cycle..
    Some will shorten the light cycle into harvest for sativas or sativa dominant plants.. Jorge says this shortening of the light cycle is counter productive.. I tend to agree..
    Anyway 12/12 works just fine.. Peace
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  5. i have been running 11 on 13 off for about 2 years now.never noticed any difference in yields but i def noticed my power bill dropped saving 30+ hours a month :cool:
  6. ShroomKing

    ShroomKing Best of luck. Peace

    I ran in 11/13 schedule based on DJ Shorts observations that it brought out different phenotype expressions.
    It made my Kimbo Kush turn from a nice purple under 12/12 to nearly black under 11/13. And just like sixstring mentions, my power bill was lower.

    Kimbo Screenshot_2015-03-27-13-05-12-1.png
  7. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    That's why I did it. I tried to drop daylight phase as low as I could, things got in a bad way when it hit a 9 hour daylight phase.
  8. I was not looking for the savings in energy costs, But Ill take them as a result. I am interested in the different expressions that this light cycle is said to bring out..
    I have and older "Cocoa Kush" cutting from Dj that Im trying this with...
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  9. I use it fairly often, haven't seen it bring out different expressions, at least not in a significant way, just shortens the flowering period duration.
  10. Limonene


    I've done it a few times. I notice definite differences on certain strains. 10 week amnesia haze will be ready to harvest in 9 weeks. There will be flecks of purple too and a more slight diesel undertone to the normal lemon bubblegum terps. Yields are the same. However I've found most 8 week indica dom strains haven't fared well under that regime. Yields are poor and quality seems to diminish. So as a general rule I only do it with 10 week + varietals
  11. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    If you want different expressions them play with temp changes and ultraviolets.... 11/13 just saves money and heat in the summer.
  12. Based on what I read: 12/12 is not good compared to 11/13, the logic being- 12/12 does not send the same message to the plant to begin flowering as does 11/13, even 11:30 is better than 12/12, at least if you want more veg

    Anyway, it's what I switched to a couple years ago, and it seems to work. I also drop to 10/14 in later flower sats, but 9/15 for indicas

  13. I think i heard K jodrey speak on this and i honestly respect the shit outa him. Varietals that are used to a outdoor gradual cycle change i think flourish under this lighting set-up. I actually thought to myself one-time from may to october here it does not just go from 18/6 to 12/12 so why not try to see if i can replicate natures gradual slope from 20-4,18-6,etc etc etc. I love these kinds of topics!
  14. hawkman


    So if one is in `12/12 for lets say 20 days - do you think do 11/13 will make a big difference? I do like the fact that colors were brought out better + shorter flower times. ?????
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  15. Uh that's a tough call, i don't have enough experiance with these cycles yet to be able to tell you with confidence what to expect. I would say try it!
  16. If you gradually changed the time out by 15 minutes intervals I think you should be good mate I agree with @Seamaiden my sister tried the 9 Hr cycle and had a few problems so only 10
  17. hawkman


    There is also a light cycle that changes every week to harvest. sub-post to give great yields
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  18. The gas light method .
  19. ShroomKing

    ShroomKing Best of luck. Peace

    Yes. I do. Screenshot_20170207-230925.png
    Here is the side by side I did.

    Took me a minute to find it.
  20. If where going by natural outdoor lighting, than my plants never see over 15 hours of daylight for veg, and my indicas and hybrids are done the first week of October with my daylight hours at 11.6 .
    Doing single strain runs, I start my flowering at 13/11 for the first 3 weeks. Then 12/12 till finished.