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14mm or 18mm bong how do i know?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Pipes & Other Smoking Tools' started by mikeb437, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. i have a bong and i want to buy a curve.. i keep seeing the sizes 14mm and 18mm. how do i know what size my bong is or what size i need for a curve? are they talking about the stem i pull out or the main glass stem that goes into the bong water.. please help
  2. clean your glass and go to a headshop
    if your in chicago check the asian stores
    they almost all have glass
  3. You need to measure your slide joint size (where your down stem slides into). Use a tape/ruler with mm on it. If it is a quality gong, It will measure 14 mm or 18 mm. It may not if it is generic, not gong, etc. You may need an adapter or it may not work at all depending on what you have.
  4. 14mm downstem is like a pencil. 18mm is like a marker.
  5. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    I sure could use a glass primer. The state of smoking today is nothing like it was back in the late 70's. I guess I got stuck in my smoking technology somewhere in... 1986 or some shit like that. I did recently buy myself a Sour glass bong, and now I think the slide (it's labeled glass on glass) is 18mm without breaking out a ruler. Thanks!
  6. It sounds like you have a little time on me Seamaiden but I know how you feel. It was around 91-92 I picked up my first bong, an old school Graffix. Allot has changed since then. I was naive on the subject up until 3 years ago or so, when I thought it was about time I picked up a few new pieces. The terminology and options had me guessing for a while. It is all pretty simple though really. I found Toro which I love and the way some of the new stuff hits, wow.
  7. gatoraide bottle + mag light= my first bong
    2 footer with 5 percs=my current bong
    times have changed indeed
  8. motherlode

    motherlode @Rolln_J Supporter


    NICE score - sour the indestructible bong - I just busted my glass on glass - need a new one

    where did you find a sour?
  9. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    An outfit in Carmichael, Shorty's Board and Glass. I told the guy behind the counter that I needed a bong that A) Won't fall over easily (yes, this is an issue, I can't have my home stinking like bongwater) and; B) Won't break easily. Guy grabbed the Sour glass-on-glass and said, "This is your bong." $80, with a basic... percolator? It's got the downtube that fits into the bong itself, and that tube has slits cut into the bottom of it. Anyway, they give discounts to MMJ patients, apparently they advertise on this thing called "radio".

    MMJInsiders, yes, I probably have a little time on you. My emergence was timed to match as perfectly as possible with the debut of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. I remember Nixon (and that's about as far back as I can go with the presidents, sure in hell don't remember Johnson!).

    When we were out in Folsom yesterday I almost told Dave that we should run up to Carmichael before heading back home so I could check out ashcatchers, or whatever they're called. There's such a thing as an ashcatcher for bongs, right?
  10. Unless you put it up against a US TUBES then its not so indestructible ;)
  11. Ya, you got me. I popped out during the Ford/Carter changeover.
    You were lucky. You got the Beatles... I got Carter.
    Yep, ashcatchers, curves, carbon filters, kecks, and 12 different types of bong wash to keep her sparkly.

    Not sure on the US Tubes or the Sour as I have never got the change to try one but I will be on the lookout. Thanks guys/gals.
  12. Search "BONG WARS" on youtube you will soon be turned on to US TUBES ;)

  13. yes.... lol just looks like another smaller perk chamber attached.