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180 day lab test of Avid, Forbid, Floramite, Eagle 20

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by treebark1950, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Whats up farmers?

    I have been wondering how long these pesticides stay in the plant and do they really show up when you get something lab tested...

    Well 180 ish days ago I sprayed 7 Cuts with the Recommended dose of:

    Forbid 4F
    Eagle 20

    (No I didn't have mites or PM)

    Not at the same time, but over the course of 2 weeks...

    They Vegged for another 9-10 weeks, then on in the flower room they went..

    Well last week after a few week cure it was time to get the samples tested...

    I got them tested by Ca Testing Authority...

    All 7 samples tested the same...

    Avid 8ppm
    Floramite 5ppm

    Forbid and Eagle 20 free!
    I was told by them that an acceptable amount is 1ppm for human consumption.

    Any other farmers use these products and actually get it tested?

    I was told by CTA, that these pesticides are designed for Ag use ONLY and the photosynthesis of the sun helps to break down these systemic products quicker.

    I am doing this exact same test again, but I'm putting some Mom's outside for 1.5 months to veg to see if the sun does break down the bad stuff...

    I used to use Floramite when I got new clones but now no more...

    Just thought I'd share my findings!
  2. EVOKE


    at least you got urs tested bro and being real with it...
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  3. EVOKE


    i heard 70 days and it should be good..
  4. mal

    mal Premium Member Supporter

    Thanks that was a very cool test to do, what did you do with the weed? I hope all is well with you and yours

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  5. thanks for posting these test results! of all the products above i have only ever used and recommended Forbid, so im glad to hear its tests came out clean.
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  6. Great info thanks 4 testing them out & droppin this info..
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  7. logic

    logic Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for taking your time to get these tested tb, i moved the thread to the correct forum and made it a sticky thread for all to see :)
  8. EVOKE


    Dang even logic rolled up in here...:cool:

  9. That's what I was always told as well but I wanted to find out first hand.

    Thanks. Well I have been smoking it, just to my self, I wanted to see if I could feel a difference in the smoke...The other thing I am going to do is do an extraction from the Buds that I got tested and see if the Avid and Floramite show up in that test as well.

    No problem. I am going to do a test and spray forbid on one plant before day 1 of flower and see if in the 9 week cycle will it test clean!

    Wow I feel honored to have the man himself stop by! I just want farmers to be able to make informed decisions when it comes to bugs!
  10. Confuten1

    Confuten1 exploitin strengths - perfectin weaknessess Supporter

    Thanks for the post Tree, good info!
  11. What a great post. So glad this finally got done. Would love to see Merit75 and Azatrol. This stuff makes me wish I was in a med state.
  12. delae632

    delae632 IG @delae_632 Supporter

    Great info to have tree! Thanks for going out of your way to get this very important knowledge out there.

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  13. I applaud your efforts, very very intersting stuff.
  14. Thanks! I felt it was my duty to find out first hand what can be used safely since I care about my patients!!

    I do plan on doing more testing in the future for sure.
  15. EVOKE


    when using avid how many ml per gallon should b used...
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  16. IMHO none. If Avid or floramite show up at all after that amount of time then I don't think it is safe to use at all for our indoor applications...but I am curious!
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  17. swisscheese

    swisscheese Guest

    Is there anything you can show us proving your lab results?
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  18. Thanks Treebark! That's some great knowledge to share with all.

    Ethics in growing, what a concept!

  19. EVOKE


    DAMN i just bought some... it aint cheap..
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  20. EVOKE


    not to get off track Tbark... but holy shit ur strawberry diesel is funkn fire bro... i was soo high i felt my arm hair tingling.. i was standing in line ready to watch savages and i forgot what movie i was going to watch....
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