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1st Documented Grow

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by CrimsonEcho, May 3, 2018.

  1. I am keeping this journal mostly for myself as it is not completely legal to grow the ganja in my country actually it is totally illegal :D so i want to keep my pics on the farm to be safe and to be able to comeback whenever i want to see the development, i am growing in a mix of

    Plagron batmix
    Biobizz lightmix
    Biobizz coco
    Plagron lightmix
    Lava stones
    Neem seed meal
    Bat guano
    GK complete organics

    I supplement my soil with aacts every week sometimes twice when i have the energy to clean up.

    I do 5 gallon smart pots in this grow with 3 strains and they are;

    Nl (sensi seeds)
    WW and Dinachem (dinafem)

    First of all every seed that i purchased from these guys have broke soil except some blueberries from DP and i read at every forum that it is a problem with blueberries in general so i cant really hold dinafem responsible for that. Just to give you the background i ordered NL, WW AUTO, WW AUTO XXL, SWEET DEEP GRAPEFRUIT, BLUEBERRY, BUBBA KUSH also some CRITICAL + as gifts (they forgot to send me my freebies at my last order thats the only negative experience i had with them but i contacted them and they said at my next order they will compensate) and they all have sprouted.

    I started with my blueberry and nl but sadly blueberry never broke soil, so i thought let me throw in the ww and dinachem (my light can only grow 2 plants perfectly, but i will try 3, maybe i am up for a suprise, good or bad who knows)

    I have a 160w veg 320w bloom led light fixture (and also some t5s and a 200 w led which i wont be using unless i need it)

    I grew my autos first to gain experience that was my first and second grow but i can safely say that autos are much more resillient and much easier to grow than photos for me, at least the autos from dinafem was (WW AUTO AND WW AUTO XXL)

    Lets see what happens,
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  2. These are from the last saturday which was 28th of april and it was the 18th day for Nl and 12th day for dinachem and white widow. Also this was taken as i gave them their first aact.
  3. These are taken at 3th of may. I gave them another aact and looking forward to see the changes.
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  4. By the way first one is NL second one is WHITE WIDOW and third one is DINACHEM in both posts.
  5. Also these are my “micro brews” with 0.7 litres of water and wormcastings, DE, alg-a-mic, alfalfa, molasses, fish hydrolysate, aloe vera and oat flour.
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  6. Yeah blueberry is finicky too from what I hear. I’m 0 for 10 with em. Ones I had that popped got killed by gnats before I knew what a fungus gnat was. That grapefruit sounds good too. I’m trying to get soil mix to where I don’t need to feed. Just microbes I’m getting there. Will be checking back here. Similar to my style.
    Are you just letting em rock out or putting a net in later ect ?
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  7. Did lst with the other gals i will try to do a manifold with these.
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  8. The pics go 3-1-2 chronologically.
  9. Smerb


    Hows that brew stinking? Right on get it!!!
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  10. It smells delicious, top notes of molasses and fish guts with hints of spices, aquarium filters and most interestingly a whiff of mold as you might find on a really old stale loaf of bread.
    It reminds me of my summers in tuscany.
    I am thinking of marketting it as a fragrance.
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  11. Smerb


    loaf of bread sounds right
    How olds yer soil? Or active? Or both
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  12. I mixed all my amendments together and mixed it with the peat based substrates and coco mix i had with the stones i also had (lava, pumice, perlite, zeolite) 2 months ago and watered with my brew and let it just rest, always a bit moist and also giving teas now and then, haven’t done cover crops, maybe next time.
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  13. Smerb


    After a few runs yer soil will be that cover crop, toiled and tilled. I would go ahead and grind up the roots after harvest,not to a powder, and add back in. Your shit sounds like its eating its shit properly. Ha! keep it updated
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  14. Yeah it does and i will keep updated. Thanks.
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  15. 4D53F6DD-0CF1-45DF-92E3-901E2A8EAA71.jpeg 515AA1EE-EC6E-4D48-95BD-C4FED6ED3E11.jpeg Today i did my manifold on NL. It was almost a month old and there was 6 nodes so i topped just above the 3rd node and cleared everything below. Did i do ok what do you all think?
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  16. 50F1475C-E86F-4F1A-A73A-74C96B6745AC.jpeg 15DC922D-8B02-44CD-BD14-8699850C3440.jpeg 39BE4714-B078-4AB4-A1A8-EB315525A021.jpeg Nothing is being wasted, i hope i can clone this old top.
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  17. And these are the other gals first one is dinachem and the second one is the white widow. These two are growing a little slowly or i might be too impatient its their 20th day out of their shell, but they seem healthy anyway.
    9EE8F95E-7B1F-48F3-A19F-56DF1FE190FF.jpeg 4518A8EF-82F8-4F1C-9719-4F2EC284CC35.jpeg
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  18. MW7945


    if that's coco I would recommend starting them in something smaller next time. A 16oz solo cup or somethin.
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  19. Smerb


    Looks fine. Shits about to bush up and out now. A month? Things are a little slow......
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  20. I always overwater when i start small, no its not coco i posted my mix at the top.
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