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1st Grow New Custom Room - Looking And Listening

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by dcgolfer, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. Hi All,
    I will try to keep it brief to get up to date. I was having some room issues but all sorted out now. These are all seeds I have found over the last year and preserved (unknown strains but I will be happy with any as they are quality strains). Water only so far 6.5ph, little at a time and lots of spraying. Started in organic topsoil mixed with some starter fert (not extended release). No Transplanting, thinking to wait another week or two at least for nutes (thought's appreciated). I will be using Uncle Wiggy's line. This is what I got going on so far...
    12/22 Germinated overnight in a paper towel on the fridge and Moved Sammie in
    12/23 Planted 6 seeds none cracked (prefer letting them crack in soil anyway)
    12/26 Breaking soil
    12/27 4 of 6 sprouted - unknown strains
    12/30 Babies growing well, Sammie is growing nice limbs
    12/31 Planted new OGK seed I just Found in a fat bud! (Danielle #3)
    01/02 Topped Sammie, set clipping and top to clone (in soil)
    01/04 Danielle #3(OGK) broke the soil and stood 1 cm by evening.
    01/05 Took bottom two sets off Sammie trying to get growth going.
    01/09 Folded in Peat Moss today and covered stretched stems.
    01/10 Cut off down pointing fan leaves off bottom two limbs and bent over
    01/12 Started LST and pinch and bend cropping on Sammie
    01/15 Continued Training Sammie - Great New Growth and getting Bushy
    01/16 Still on water only mainly spraying
    12/27 Sprouted
    01/09 Growing well
    01/15 Under new lighting and stable conditions
    01/15 Sammie LST
    Yes, I do name them all ladies for good luck and I am a nerd. thanks in advance
    12_27 Sprouted .jpg 1_9 UPDATE.jpg 01_15 ROOM UPDATE (1).jpg 01_15 LST (1).jpg 01_15 LST (3).jpg Uncle Wiggy's.jpg 01_16 ScrOG.jpg
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  2. Looking good. Keep up the good work
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  3. Nice babies!
    Love the name signs, lol. Will def implement that myself :)
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  4. Room update. I added drain pan (washing machine pan) and some cookie cooling racks. Then I figured to add a drain for runoff and then down the rabbit hole we go. I added a pump some filters, tubes, quick connect for watering wand and done.
    01_19 DRAIN.jpg 01_19 pump outside.jpg
  5. 24 Days since sprout (#3 is only 14 days) ...started nutes real soft, 456ppm, partial feed, waiting to see how they react and will go from there. Here are some new pics. 01_19  #2.jpg 01_19 #1.jpg 01_19 #3.jpg 01_19 .jpg 01_19 Bethany.jpg 01_19 Brittany.jpg 01_19.jpg
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  6. 01_19 ROOM.jpg
  7. Back up clippings, just in case these drop balls as I do not know the strain or if they are feminized. About a week in the bottles. Any advice when to get into the soil?

    #1.jpg #2.jpg
  8. Teeky84


    All looking good bro
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  9. I read in here somewhere about sexing the tops, so I figured I would try it? I clipped 4 of 5 today, here is the set up. My question is should I flip the tops to 12/12 now or wait a day or two to let shock ease? Does anyone have any experience/success with doing this?
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  10. Still pinching and bending Sammie: training low in a spiral pattern with tons of new veg all over the place. Adjustable clips really make it easy to tweak every day where needed, look at her go...
    01_24.jpg 1_24 (1).jpg 1_24.jpg
  11. Broken


    Looking good.
  12. Hi All,
    Let the training begin! Everything is going well from what I can see so far runoff today was 889ppm after feeding, dropped light down some so the light meter is 800-900W at the plant level. The last photo is a clipping that really took off so I transplanted and started training too. No sex yet, keeping fingers crossed. Instead of topping #3 I FIM'd it? Hope I did it right...Quick photo update 1_29.jpg 1_28 (1).jpg 1_28 (2).jpg 1_28 (3).jpg 1_28.jpg 1_29 (1).jpg 1_29 (2).jpg 1_29 (3).jpg 1_29.jpg 1_30 (1).jpg 1_30 FIM.jpg 1_30.jpg
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2019
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  13. Day 38: Moving along well. Did a little more training today really stretching them out. Fed again, PPM 899 runoff, keeping fingers crossed as I hope to see some sexes soon. Looks like I have both Indica and Sativa plants in the grow based on the leaves, I do not know any strains with the exception of #3.
    2_2 (1).jpg 2_2 (2).jpg 2_2.jpg 2_1 (1).jpg 2_1.jpg Indica & Sativa.jpg
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  14. This failed! I think it was the setup, to begin with. Medicated heavily and thought I was a genius, lol. Still waiting to see some signs of little white hairs on these ladies.
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  15. We win or we learn, always keep experimenting :)
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  16. #3 Is 10 days behind the rest. last min but a well-timed surprise in a sack of OG Kush so 28 days on that one.
  17. I am totally new at this, so everything is an experiment for me. Having fun learning a little more each day. Thanks!
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  18. Hi All,
    Little more training today. Feeding day, Runoff was just under 900 again. Starting to really stretch limbs out and seeing lots of new growth. Started some cuttings up top, as I still do not know the sex of any, other than Sammie #6. Keeping fingers crossed...
  19. As soon as they are rooted flip them. I would usually flip them the day i transplanted them.
  20. After adding fluorescent lights for some cuttings, raised temp 10-15 degrees to 84-88 steady and HR spiked 65-70HR. Found this airtitan fan with programmable temp/hr ($70) installed last night took little tweaking between the humidifier and fan controller but after an hour it balanced and conditions have not changed since last night, steady 73 degrees and 54HR, the water level in humidifier has really not changed either. I think we have reached a state of zen! 2_8.jpg 2_9 (1).jpg 2_9.jpg
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