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1st Time Using Coco

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by PureAmazon, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. Hello fellow farmers this is my first real grow and i was just hoping to get a lil insight and direction. Just transplanted about a week ago started noticing leaves yellowing a lil on a few plants. My first thought was magnesium deficiency but not really sure. Growing some Kosher kush, Purple mendo, GSC and Granimals in coco using General Hydroponics Floral series. The room is sealedrunning co2 with 8 gavita lights, 4 4x8 trays 2 with 12 5 gal bags and 2 with 24 3 gal bags. Thanks in advance.
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  2. Nutes? Feed schedule?
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  3. Looks like a mag deficiency. Was the coco buffered? If not, the cation exchange properties of coco will withhold calcium and magnesium from the plant until they are full. Also with coco, a minimum of once a day feedings to 20% runoff is necessary for good results.
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  4. Silica
    Flora gro
    Flora micro
    Flora bloom
    Ryzo fuel
    Floralicious plus
    Zyme and calmag
    Fed on day 1, 3, and 6
    Verde foliar sprayed on day 2.
    Partnership with a friend and this his schedule and choice of nutes which I really dont like as I would like to go more organic but we will see how it goes.
  5. I thought it looked like mag deficiency also. I dont think the coco was buffered but will look into on the next run. I agree there should be daily feedings trying to get my partner on the same page. Thanks for your advice.
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  6. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Coco= hydro
    Treat her like hydro
    Needs daily watering. With cal mag/ feed 1x day with run Off.
    Trick with coco, feed until she shows signs of burn, cut back 1/5th, then keep the schedule going.
    Great setup btw. Are you planing on scrogged setups ? If so start the nets now
  7. Yes i plan on a scrogged setup, planning on putting up the nets this weekend. Man i really appreciate the help brother... I have one question though i invested in some microbes should i add that to my feed or just water alone?
  8. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    In the feed. And repeat dosage every 3rd feed to keep it viable
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  9. Yeah 36 plants in coco hand watering?
    You got your hands full. I’m having issues keeping the moisture right with just 4 of 4 gal bags. Watering til runoff is definately a must. And water slow or it’ll run right off the drier stuff. I’m in a net with no drain tray. So that’s part of my issue. I’ve thrown mag at it it just makes em look even drier. And stripes still there. These are babies but you can see it. Fed good not lacking anything ph at 6.0. One the new growth curling like burned but it’s not. It’s something else. Also noticing a real dry salty look to everything in flower too. It’s like the coco is sucking the moisture out of the plant. N I’m putting 3+ gal of water a day in the flower box. 944CECAC-17DE-4574-962D-E4B830D0E9A5.jpeg B13CF410-E325-44F6-BCDB-873C15B9ADE4.jpeg Looks hungry right? Look close at tips. It’s perfectly fed. White is calcarb foliar not pm.
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  10. Im colorblind but other than color ajd a lol droop. Id say u got the fire.
    I like fabric pots. 2 a day feed. I do 5.8 but 6.0 is good too.
    I like seeing her drink twice a day.
    Keep her coco wet, warm, and fed.
    You'll be all set
  11. Props Mom for lending me your stinky cellar.
    Now it smells like fresh cut SKUNKY funky grass!!!!
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  12. I water in microbes by hand once a week. I really soak the coco with the microbes and flush out any built up salts. I feed 3-4 times a day, so I just sub in one feeding for the microbes. I use a res and microbes don’t play well in there after a couple of days. LoL
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  13. What’s your pH when you feed?

    I read through everything but I don’t think I saw your pH. I also use flora grow, micro and bloom, Calimagic(cal-mag) every other day and plain pH’d water between each feed. I use half the recommended strength on the GH bottle. Feed/water until runoff. I also use diatomaceous earth as a silica supplement. So far the plants like that nutrient schedule.

    Maybe adjust your pH, it could be too low. I’ve been pHing between 5.5-6.0(I change it each feed) but I think I am starting to run into minor issues (twisted leaf tips) so for my future feeds I’m going to keep it between 6.0-6.3.
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  14. They look well fed however if your pH is too low then certain nutrients can’t be taken up by the roots. Kind of looks like magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is best absorbed in hydro/coco between 6.0-6.5.
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  15. I was doing the same. Adjusting the pH to 5.7 as that’s what I thought was the “sweet spot” for coco. I kept getting leaf twisting and pale blotches. I raised the pH to 6.0-6.1 and the problems stopped. This has been the case with several different strains.
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  16. ethcan


    What are your temperature and relative humidity? I'm willing to bet your problem will lie there.

    VPD issue. Too dry causing excessive uptake due to high transpiration, causing a lock out. Usually the plants sort it out once they have reached a critical biomass, at which point the transpiration load of the room is enough to push the plants into the correct VPD.
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  17. Thanks. That might be it. I have nutrient availability chart for soil and hydro but not coco. I know ph on coco supposed to run lower than soil. I’m pretty sure everything says 5.3-6.0 for coc. So I was ph at 6.0 thinking I was good. I have thrown extra mag at em. It’s like you said they either ain’t taking it or it’s being used sooo fast it barely shows.
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  18. Vpd
    I’ve honestly never followed it cause I never really had issues from it. I was having issues getting up to 40% humidity.
    Now I am holding 40-50. Temps pretty consistent but with outside changing rapidly I’m steady adjusting. Highest day temp been 86. Coldest dark though hit 63 already. I try not to go low 60s until I’m 4+ weeks in flower. But
    It’s more steady now 77-80 max day temp 65-68 night time. Humidity staying dry like you said. I can’t hit over 50. Forcing plants to want fluid. Not necessarily nutes just plants dry. Thirsty non stop. I’m gonna go to the charts n copy the vpd chart and see if I can get right on it. Like I said I just never had the issue in 4 or 5 grows now. I don’t want to add humidifier cause they’re flowering. Making water wetter? Maybe. Aloe? To fight the dryness and still try to get in vpd range. I could put humidifier in adjacent room it’s a big humidifier. It makes veg box go to 90%+ in 10 minutes. With exhaust blowing it straight outside.
  19. Ok here is right now in flower tent.
    They are flowering fine just dry deficient looking leaves. N I know I been feeding. 3x what I normally feed. They grew fast but then this. A5DE3496-D315-4F0E-A01F-39D2E4CC27D9.jpeg BB774264-A094-4D7E-A29B-48DEE6D8BAB0.jpeg 225B0ECF-F5D5-4729-A216-E411082B50CB.jpeg C4C74BD8-6F48-4D8B-B9F1-3C29D69F1951.jpeg 519757C5-B854-4F5F-9FAE-03BC70B3C4C8.jpeg 2BC85826-9685-4F79-81F6-9DAA81BA40A4.jpeg I can’t really flush them tied in net with no tray. I did try n wet vac the runoff but I’m back here again. I got the canopy I wanted but afraid it’s all gonna go south.
  20. Here is veg box. Started 2 plants now all of em doing this. Vpd much closer here in this box but they’re all dying. Period. Something wrong with the cocomix or something. Worked great for about 2 weeks then just steady issues. This is one of first 2 gone bad image.jpg this and 3 others just starting some bs image.jpg Leaves look burnt but depleted at same time.