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1x Purple Haze And 1x Gdp In 175 Gallon Grow Bags In Cheap Greenhouse

Discussion in 'Tree Farming' started by bigmikeyg, May 13, 2018.

  1. started these girls a while back from clones under a 300 watt mars hydro and switched them to a 1000 watt mh few weeks ago

    time to put them out and i guessing they will be trees by harvest time.. here’s to guessing
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  2. so been out for a few days now and i’ve decided to put some tomato cages over top these ladies to spread them out a bit...

    haven’t really seen much of training for big grow bags on the ones i’ve seen more like they just let them go and by the end they are monsters...

    not sure if i should be doing this but i assume i should and make these things grow out to the sides then up ... anyways here is what i did..

    hopefully it’s right :)
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  3. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Moderator Staff Member

    Very nice. Be sure to log your grow as you go. Will be nice to see some outdoor trees. Good grow karma on your run!!!!
  4. yeah i plan on take pics at minimum once a week and looking for all advice to make better trees :)
  5. been hitting them with sensi grow at 2.5-3 mls per. label rate of b52 and label rate of cal mag in ro water just around the plants ever two days..

    didn’t really track how long under the led and the mh before they went out but they were bushy plants when they went out for sure

    did a bottom layer of 1 inch river stone 2 inches deep and then 2.5 big square bags of bx promix with microhazi and three 20l bags of worm castings

    made the bags myself with the
    material from local landscaping place.. got their thickest which was thinner than the smart pot i brought them for a judge ... was able to sew them for about 18 bucks worth of material each bag bigger than 100 smaller than 200

    plan on adding voodoo juice in couple weeks for a week or two
  6. i’d like to probe people out there that do outdoor grows .. i’m still super new to outdoor and when a look at an 8 week feeding cycle how do i translate that for outdoors? really when does the flowering take place and when should i be upping my nutes for the bud enhancers/igniters...

    last year i used july 1 as my switch to flowering date ... not really sure when it acutally starting flowering guess i’ll keep track of that this year but with a flowering feeding guide it’s a lot less weeks and i would like to get it optimal

    if anyone has any good articles they could share that would be awesome
  7. Looks great man. wish i could afford that much soil. subd forsure
  8. i waited for a sale at lowe’s for 15 % off for promix and then i went into homehardware and told them to give me a deal on the worm castings... saved a bit here and there

    but yeah it was 30 some each promix and 14 each bag of worm castings so about 150 ish each bag
  9. the ladies seem to be a bit droopy last couple days since i put the cages on them to spread them out ... the gdp seems to be slowly bouncing back but the purple haze is still droopy