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2 Labs Now Available to Test Medical MJ for Quality

Discussion in 'Medical Club' started by afatsoweezer, Jan 8, 2010.

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    2 Labs Now Available to Test Medical MJ for Quality

    Just as “dispensaries” now seem to be proliferating in Montana, two laboratory operations have announced their ability to test medical marijuana for quality. Below we reprint verbatim the information each of these operations has sent to Patients & Families United.

    Montana Botanical Analysis (Bozeman)

    Montana Botanical Analysis (MBA) is pleased to announce the opening of their analytical laboratory in Bozeman. MBA ( is the first analytical laboratory in Montana dedicated to the quantitative analysis of medical marijuana. This has huge implications for patients and providers. Patients will finally have the ability to purchase their medicine and know what is actually in it. MBA will be providing data regarding moisture content, THC, cannabidiol (CBD), and cannabinol (CBN) content. We will be offering testing for mold content in the very near future.

    Montana Botanical Analysis believes that this type of testing will be important in properly dosing patients for their various therapeutic needs. It will also be a springboard in directing patients toward certain strains of cannabis that may more beneficial depending on the particular condition for which they are using medical marijuana. This type of testing will help take the guesswork out of deciding which strain to use. It will allow patients to compare apples to apples and help protect patients from purchasing medicine that is not appropriate for their particular needs.

    Montana Botanical Analysis has been founded by Michael Geci, MD. Dr. Geci, who also runs a private alternative medicine clinic in Bozeman, Whole Health & Healing ( has enlisted the help of Noel Palmer Ph.D., an analytical chemist. The team envisions an era of medical cannabis research that will make Montana the model for every other state.

    Montana Botanical Analysis is also very pleased to announce that it is sponsoring Dr. Arno Hazekamp to Bozeman from January 10th-14th. Dr. Hazekamp is a renowned international cannabis researcher based at the Leiden University in the Netherlands. Dr. Hazekamp is giving a special lecture through the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Montana State University at 2 pm on Tuesday, January 12th in the Byster Auditorium.

    On Monday, January 11th at 6 pm at the Emerson Center for Arts and Culture in Bozeman (111 S. Grand) there will be a free community lecture featuring Drs. Geci and Hazekamp who will be speaking on the therapeutic aspects of medical cannabis and the future of medical cannabis. There will be a question and answer session following the lectures and a reception will be held afterwards. Prior to the talk given by Drs. Geci and Hazekamp there are extra events being planned by The Montana Medical Growers Association. For more information regarding these events, please visit their website at Montana Medical Growers Association is helping to organize the community venue and questions regarding the community lecture should be directed toward Jim Gingery @

    CannabAnalysis Labs (Missoula)

    CannabAnalysis is offering Medical Marijuana Certification services to caregivers and patients. We will test your product for its cannabinoid profile. Patients will be able to find a cannabinoid ratio that best treats their symptoms. We provide the THC-Acid, THC-Neutral, CBD-Acid, CBD-Neutral, and CBN quantities. We will also tell you if the following minor but therapeutic cannabinoids are present in your medicine; THCV, CBGF, CBC, CBL, and CBV. Growers can use sequential testing to optimize harvest time. A series of 5 weekly or biweekly tests can help you find the optimal cannabinoid density in your crop. An optimized harvest is worth more!

    Edibles and Tinctures have long been used as an alternative to smoking. Unfortunately the preparation methods for these products, and therefore the dosing of these products can be highly irregular. Cannabanalysis is pleased to offer testing services for oils, tinctures, and finished products. Protect your patients!

    In addition, we are also offering pesticide screening. We screen for 5 major groups of pesticides, covering 90% of the most commonly used products. Mold and Fungus testing is also available. Protect your patients! Know your product!

    Our lab has over 20 years of Quality Control Testing experience, producing reliable, defendable results. We follow Good Laboratory Practices, and work in conjunction with FDA and WHO regulations. We offer quick results and reasonable prices. In the future we will be offering tincture and oil production. Made safely, with known cannabinoid quantities. Have a chemist do your extractions safely and effectively!

    Testing available today.

    Contact Information:

    Rose Habib, CannabAnalysis Labs, Missoula, MT, 406-531-6726,