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200 Gallon Irrigation

Discussion in 'Tree Farming' started by bigmikeyg, May 4, 2018.

  1. hey all i have some 1/2 inch poly pipe and i wanted to cap one end and spiral it starting inside close to the plant and working outwards and drill bunch of holes so i could just pump water into pipe and water the hole bag.. i have seen people with them in pictures and i can for the life of me figure out how to get this pipe to spiral nicely and stay... been trying to bend it and heat it with a heat gun and that’s just stupid ... anyone made one like that befor and can give me some pointer i would be super happy and appreciate it a lot as i’ve been dicking with this for way to long
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  2. Use a 1g milk jug or the like as a mold. Basically anything solid about the side your coil needs to be. Pre-drill all your holes. I'm guessing the heat gun should warm.up the tubing. Wrap quickly, then pour cold.water on it after happy. You may need to re-warm it up once more after your happy with the wrapping. Then do the cold water.
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  3. not sure if that will work, i’m not looking for coils of the same size i’m looking for one like this, it’s about a 5 foot circle of a bag i’m trying to cover a lot of the area
  4. Use spikes to secure the tubing in place. Looks about 3/4 to 1" tubing.
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  5. spikes ?
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  6. Westie


    Looks cool. (I would use 6"+, not 4".) Google......

    Ground Cover Anchoring Pins
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  7. i think that’s the ticket thanks
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  8. I've done something like that. I just left the whole coil in a hot (black) car in the sun for a few hours. It made it super pliable, so I took it out, formed it, then sprayed it with the garden hose to freeze it in the shape you want it. Works pretty well and is cheap and easy.
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