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2018 Od Summer Grow

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by 1diesel1, May 25, 2018.

  1. The time is rite. Plants were started December 2017. They’ve been under T-5s till 2 weeks ago. Stuck them under the maple trees in the shade. Cleared the grow area today. Will plant in ground tomorrow. More to come. F2C4FBE1-67F9-43EB-AD93-55B066DAB13A.jpeg FD8C993B-C6EE-4A27-A7FB-B3CB619E15F3.jpeg 9A887707-3FB1-4467-A302-408A54C28B82.jpeg CB4A2332-803A-4E64-B1B3-1D15F39743F3.jpeg
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  2. Wait till kune 1st man dont plamt tko esrly, last thing u wanma do is get the plants to fkower then reveg
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  3. Also plant in beds or pots, yield will be better, u still got enkugh tine to get sone 300gal smart pots filled up
  4. Westie


    Beautiful property. Workin it with that Bobcat. Thumbs up.
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  5. Weather this year is perfect for early planting. As far as ground grow, yes. Bob cat will make it easy.
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  6. Yes bobcat makes it easy but ur pkants wknt yiekd as wekl as in a raised bed or pots. There are studies done to support me on that. Also weatger being nice doesnt mean u can plant a week befkre june 1st but do ur thing buddy u got a nive lil plot going, best of luck
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  7. Thanks
  8. Show me the studies, please. I am desperate for your guidance. I have no idea what I’m doing. Please help me. Please PM me.
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  9. Cant find the paper i read awhile back comparing yields but the only real benefit to growing in the ground is the cost, the benefits of beds or pots is plentiful, including better water utilization, easier to ammend, soil doesnt get super pacjed down which neans nkre air in the rootzone. If u do decide to jus palnt in a hole i wpuld def make sure to get ur dirt tested and annended as reccomended by the results of the test and also make sure to make the holes like 3ft deep and 4ft wide and makesure u use chickenwire to line the holes or atleast the rootball.
  10. GrowGod

    GrowGod BANNED! Supporter

    You’ve had enough pm:D
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  11. Digging begins DFFA9668-B471-42C5-9E32-4B06196E0C55.jpeg
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  12. You can plant as early as weather will permit as long as you slowly adjust the lighting to match the outdoor lighting period. I have gone outside the beginning of May doing that, see 2016 grow log. You can even put seeds directly into the ground and let them sprout and grow naturally.
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  14. Thanks for the advice. Thought about using the bucket on the tractor. Wasn’t looking forward to filling up that hole. Lol. I’ve got them about 10 feet apart long ways and 15 feet apart the other way.
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  15. Exactly. I started thinking about filling these mfs after digging about half of them. I did have to buy more soil because of it.
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  16. Did you go 50/50 with your mix? 663981FC-627F-4F9D-B177-AA5F0A65347D.jpeg 419719E0-74B8-4749-9E28-99E595B7583A.jpeg should be sufficient
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  17. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Moderator Staff Member

    Another tip for OD is always when using good old mother earth directly and not doing container grows ie grow bags/pots etc is send a sample of your soil and have a soil test done so you know if your soil has any deficiencies that may or may nor require amending.

    And this can go 2 ways, you may find you have great soil that doesn't require additional inputs and this will save you $$$ and labor in your preparation stages.
    It also will let you know what macro and micro nutes you soil may be lacking and allows you to amend accordingly.

    If you live where the snow flys do your end of season amendments such as composted manure, compost, EWC and other organic inputs at the end of harvest and your will be in good shape for the following spring.

    I am envious of your property BTW...….. a man could good grow some mighty fine trees on that plot!!!!!
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  18. Thanks,
    The 4 large trees are gravensteen apple trees( not sure how to spell that ). There’s 3 other apple trees that have been grafted. 3 big maples.
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  19. no I went 100% special soil made locally. I appears real good, but kind of hard getting it to absorb water. I usually mix things from our forest over the years as I find a good supply. It’s been a long time since I bought soil, and kind of miss all biological highways I envisioned had grown in my old holes.
    My new soil is made with bat guano. 18 yards into 12 holes. I wish I had some big teens to drop in them right now.
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  20. I'm north of Ottawa Canada my plants have been in since May 8th. they were in last year last Saturday of April so u wrong terribly its why people grow small plants folks te,ling them to hold off till summer is half gone! Plant as soon as u can mine will be huge this year!