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29 Days In 12/12 Flowering

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by Herbalise, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. Growing from seed unknown sativa, organic grow coffee grounds for N bone bone for K coconut water etc CFL 10 23w bulbs. Will update weekly expecting 2oz from her hopefully. Starting to foiler feed with mango skin and molasses call her (Mango Madness)
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  2. HA
    Happy today 4weeks so far.
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  3. Today's update
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  4. Did some bud pinching for the first time and 7 days later , wow got fatter how much she has developed in 2 weeks.
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  5. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Very nice. Looks very healthy and happy. Can’t wait to see more updates :)
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  6. Can you give more details on the bud pinching technique. Sounds interesting. Also props for using unconventional feeding. Salute to you OG!
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  7. About 3 weeks into the bud cycle, you simply pinch about 1/16 of an inch off the tip of the bud(s). Grow out your thumb and middle (or index) finger nails to pinch the buds with. It kind of needs to be a blunt trauma, so don't use scissors or clippers. If you have a lot of plants, keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol and some cotton swabs to clean the accumulation of resin on your fingernails.
    The trick is to pinch the tips off of EVERY SINGLE bud site. This means, anywhere a little nugget is forming off the main branch...every single bud site....needs to be pinched in this manner.
    This is a VERY labor intensive process, as you can imagine...especially if you are doing a "tree style" grow.
    Repeat this same pinching process about every two weeks....and your buds will get absolutely MASSIVE. The pictures you see of HUGE, FAT buds on websites and in magazines have been pinched...I can almost guarantee it.
    A product used by alot of professionals, that not many people know about is called "Pot O' Gold"....made by a company called HydRx.
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  8. Sativa? Must be cause pretty small if not for that far along
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  10. You got some light issues or something going on. There’s no way those buds are 4 weeks in. Unless it’s a pure Sativa, like stared, which it’s not.
  11. This right here is absolute BS. Just Incase anyone read that post and is thinking you know what you’re talking about.

    Spouting off bs that is read off google and trying to pass it off as “tek” is the problem and why so many people follow all these crazy things.
    Pinching buds that early in the cycle will do nothing bud ruin your yield. Sure they will be rounder...because the pinched part stops growing.
  12. Ar.BsG


    Mufu almost looks like an auto to me .... if so could be the cause for the little bitty buds .... bud pinching realy ....
  13. It works bullshit to you, five plus five equal ten so does seven plus three enough said just ignore my post it's not a you and let me do me and stop the insulting cause its not your way..yeah round and fat is what im looking at currently. Loving her banana tea mix with coconut milk yesterday.
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  14. Ar.BsG


    Wasn't trying to insult you , I can see how it came off that way ha i talk how I speak and my wife says I'm an asshole soooo you bro ! yes I have tried it buds where rounder slightly fatter my unpinched plants yielded more maybe coincidence but not worth my effort. I like a coconut and aloevera water myself .
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  15. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    Sounds like fim... I dont like it because it sets colas too close together.
  16. All organic from seed day 33 in flower shes currently under surgry lol will recover in 7 days.
  17. Under surgry
  18. Bud pinching
  19. Ok
  20. Ya but he is pinching buds that have already set. FIM is before buds come. Like topping but leaving more material to make more than 2 shoots.
    I’ve heard this bud pinching before. Absolutely ridiculous imo