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2nd Grow, Trying Autos

Discussion in 'Auto Flower Strains' started by Wrathoftejus, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. Started 5 pineapple express autos and 1 sweet cheese. Its looking like the sweet cheese tapped out on day 2.
    Sprouted in jiffy cubes and transplanted into large smart pots for final home. I left room to add soil as needed

    Running 2 600w hps
    Soil-promix hp
    Flora duo line as needed
  2. The plan for now. Not feeling like the 6th is gonna recover
  3. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    Am taking the liberty of moving you to the autoflower forum as you may get better exposure there. Welcome to the farm!!!
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  4. Thank you. The sweet cheese auto pulled through and is now standing on its own. Germing 3 super bud autos to throw in the mix
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  5. I'll watch. I enjoy auto grows. Good luck
  6. Heres the seedlings. Other 3 seeds went into jiffys today
  7. Topped one pineapple at third node, other picture is the biggest pineapple. Gonna compare the results. Super buds went into their pots today
  8. The one i topped right before last post has already started 2 new visible growths
  9. From this morning
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  10. Rearranged them according to height. One with the tall group was fimmed but only shot up lower growth in response. In the shorty group is the 1 sweet cheese runt and one fim and one topped pineapple express. The 3 littlins are the superbid autos staying squaty under the leds
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  11. DETtoPDX


    Dope training technique, like a mini SCROG. Did you top the autos? I’ve never tried topping an auto, I heard the recovery period isn’t worth it in overall yield, so I’ll be following this closely. Great set up, happy growing amigo.
  12. I topped one and fimmed 2. You can see that the stems arent as thick on the ones i topped but there are more bud sites and im limited on heighth. Hoping to compare results and see if training is worth while on them
  13. Morning after i did the training they all see to be healthy
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  14. Tough to say at this point. The ones i left alone are twice the size and have a thicker stem but not as many bud sites.
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  15. Roughly 33 days in are these stretched badly or normal to be this tall? Was looking at some other pictures and getting worried. I did not train 2 of these 3

    Edit. The tallest is probably 4 foot or close to
  16. Tall ones are over 5 foot. The 2 short p.e that i bushed out showed a little mag deficiency looks like that has cleared up now

    Also mounted a 400w mh for some blue light on the left wall. Not really running it much but next time around ill start them with the leds. T5ho, and the mh
  17. Sick girl. I think its heat stress
  18. They stretched quite a bit. Any issues besides possible heat stress? Under 1200w they should be bigger.
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  19. These are the ones i left alone. I figured they streched pretty bad from the hps. Built a veg room already with mh for early growth next time
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  20. 7 ft ceilings? Each group is under 600w. I could run them at 1000 each but waiting on colder weather