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315 Cmh?

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by Jokefox, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Im looking into getting one of these to replace my 3x3 mother tent with a flowering scrog.

    I'm really not finding much on good brands. Lots on bulbs though.

    I would like a detached ballast as that just makes more sense to me but I remember reading that those are cheaper set ups?

    Is there a decent set up someone can recommend?

    If all goes well id like to replace my 1600 watts of hps in my 4x8 with 5 315s

    Thanks for any help..
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  2. logic

    logic Administrator Staff Member

    I have been running CMHs from Solistek and GrowersChoice both great products :)
  3. I've been testing out the phantoms 315's had good luck so far only using
    for vegging plants responding well . If anyone is running the 1000 cmh lights
    I would be interested in any feedback .
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  4. Check they have good deals.I have the sunsystems remote hood,philips bulb and prism ballasts combo,about 250.00,no problems after a year and a half.
  5. isn't CMH only available in 315 watts?
  6. logic

    logic Administrator Staff Member

    No you can get 315, 630, 945 and 1000w CMH
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  7. Has anyone hears of the fusion bright brand?

    And would 4 315 cmh be enough for a 4x8 tent?

    Also I've tried to look up to see if the yields are the same as 600watt hps. But every thread seems to lead into some drama. Does anyone have insight into That?
  8. logic

    logic Administrator Staff Member

    i just took a look at the fusion bright, just another cheap chinese brand
    i prefer the solistek 315w cmh over the growerschoice due to the bigger reflector
  9. 4 would be overkill. 2 would be good, maybe 3 but you'd be better off to upgrade to higher wattage vs more lights. In a 4x4 space a 315w will outyield a 600w hps and the quality will be better.
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  10. I keep reading a 315watt is only good for a 3x3 space. So wouldn't 4 be needed?

    Also when you up wattage on a 315 it's literally just using two bulbs.. or a double ended bulb which is two bulbs.

    Has anyone hears of fusion bright for a ballast?
  11. Rootbound

    Rootbound Moderator Staff Member

    i tried a 315 cmh over a 4x4 flowering and didnt beat my 600 hps. Would be better over a 3x3.
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  12. Yep,For veg a 4x4 is ok but for flower id stick to 3x3 footprint or put 2 over a 4x4.I think greenpoint(IIRC) use to run 5 over each 4x8 and get some big results.
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