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4x4x6 Insulated Closet In Garage. Best Location For Window Unit A/c

Discussion in 'Growroom Design & Setup' started by DankHank, Sep 15, 2018.

Location For A/C In Insulated Box

Poll closed Sep 22, 2018.
  1. High

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  2. Middle

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  3. Low

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  4. Doesn't matter

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  5. Somewhere Else

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  1. Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I am building a 4x5x6 insulated grow closet in a non air conditioned garage. Temperatures in the garage range from 110F to 15F depending on the time of year. I want to mount a smaller, more efficient ~5000 btu window unit into the box itself after seeing that many people complain about the efficiency of a portable A/C inside of a box.

    The A/C will be mounted on the left outer wall of the box. My question is where is it best to mount the A/C? High, low, in the middle? I am concerned about the shock of the cold air from the A/C on my plants in a low installation, but also worried about the cold air hitting the HPS/MH bulbs if I have it mounted high.

    Does anyone have any advice on mounting positions, where would you suggest mounting the a/c within the box?

    Just for more info, 600 watt hps/mh fixture, open winged reflector, ballast outside of box. 6" centrifugal fan mounted outside of the box pulling air from top. Air inlets positioned 4" from bottom of the box.

    Once I figure this part out, I will post sketchup plans for extra scrutiny before the build.
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  2. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    in your setup just also be sure not to have the cold air blowing right on the plants. Especially if there is strong air movement. They will let you know they don't like a steady stream of hot or cold air blowin on them.Try to rig your self some sort of baffle so the incoming air is spread more evenly and not blowing right on the ladies.

  3. Thank you jumpincactus. All suggestions noted!
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  4. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    Mount it same highth as the bulb. Blowing cold air directly at the fixture.