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50 Plant Grow Room 16 X 16

Discussion in 'Growroom Design & Setup' started by singlorigin, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. Planing to make a bigger grow room for 50 plants OG Kush.
    Room is completely sealed and speacly made for this grow.

    1. Exhaust fan 3500m3/h with carbon filter
    2. CO2 control with pressure sensor for keeping the right air flow. -
    3. Bluelab ph/tds meter for cloud connection .
    4. 130 pcs of samsung F564B 3500 k in total 3000w
    5. 10 pcs Mean Well HLG-320H-48A
    6. Commercial size dehumidifier
    7. 4 ventilation fans - two on the Flore and two in the sealing.
    For growing i will use Canna nutritions .
    Growing in HP Aeroponics system diy build - still looking to find the right pump.
    100 pcs of 50 micron misters 2 for each plant.
    200 L water reservouar with RO filter and and circulation pump to keep the flow 3 big air stones.

    Any suggestion what to change ? can understand if the lights are not to much for 50 plants.
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  2. why OG kush?Have you grown this strain
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  3. one reason is i can get them in bulk . just decided to go with this ones , any better suggestions ?
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  4. Dbear180


    How are you gonna tend to anything the plants in the back need with no room to move back there?
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  5. 3 balls

    3 balls

    I love the diagram! My blueprints have always been done on a ripped off side of a half rack.:)
  6. Love the idea, but I think you will find that you will want those leds closer to the canopy. It’s taken me some time to really come to grips with it but with good air flow and having the temps under control you can run those way less than a foot from the tops. It’s not like growing with traditional bulbs. I run panels and not strips but the principles are the same. I’m running 560w in a 4x4 space and the lights are 4.5 inches from the canopy. It’s taken me three grows with these to feel comfortable running them at this height. You may need to redesign your light hanging arrangement to allow access. My two cents

  7. This design was with 100 plants , made it less to 50 so i can move them a round.
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  8. Also I think you wattage is way low. Your talking about 256 sqft and 3000w of light. That’s less than 12w per sqft. I’m only running 35 per sqft ft, that’s three times as much light for the same coverage. Not to be a downer but I think you need to review your lighting and the space you plan on using. If I am way off please correct me, as I’m not always right.
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  9. My grow is 5 m x 5 m .
    The growing space aeroponic is 4.50 m x 3.50 m , i took a desigen for grow light from this guy -

    Basically designed the same frame on each frame i have 750 w. Size of the frame 1.50 x 2.70 m and i get 185 w for 1m2 .
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  10. Still seems like your running half of what I would think
    You would need. That’s still
    Way under 35w per square ft. Gonfor it I just think you need to plan to have your lights much lower. I would maybe incorporate some quantum boards but that’s just me
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  11. Decided to double the led stripes in total to 260 pcs , what do you think will it be good amount now ?

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  12. Not sure why people use exhaust fans , well I know the reasoning but from the growers I've worked with we never needed them. We kept the rooms sealed up tight and the air would just recirculate no new air was needed to be brought in. When u do that u need to keep refilling the room w co2 too. Never needed air stones as the feed cycles were enough to oxygenate the nutes.

  13. You plan on moving plants around in an Aero system? Please do tell.

    Best suggestion I can tell you for aero is whatever pump you decide to go with get a backup pump and a backup for the backup. Also never leave the spot.
  14. Dirtbag


    I can tell you why I do it. It's way, way cheaper to operate and there is less shit to go wrong. Period.
    My extraction fan controls my temp which means I dont need an AC at all for 10 months of the year. Or CO2 bottles or burners or monitoring equipment... Just a fan, and a digital temp controller.

    Gotta have a good intake filter though. Mine is nearly hepa, filtrete 1900. It filters molds and bugs etc. The air circulation fan blades are clean after a cycle.

    here is my homemade intake filter box outside the grow shed. Usually covered with another piece of plywood so only the bottom is open. 20190112_144804.jpg
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  15. Love that shit! I’m gonna borrow from your design for sure!
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  16. So you dont use c02? How is there less "shit to operate "? Bring air in and out of the room in itself is adding more shit to do..potential issues even w filters. But since u have no c02 then you dont need to refill them each time. But c02 is critical and an absolute must to exhault the genetic properties of any stain . Anyway that's another topic. Well whatever works we all have our ways...n most all work

  17. Dirtbag


    Right, no Co2 added to my grow. My fan cycles on about every 10-15 min this time of year to keep temp between 22-26c. It changes the air plenty keeping C02 levels well adequate and comparible with the outdoors.

    With a sealed Co2 system you are paying for an AC and dehu to run constantly ($$$), You are paying for Co2 and constantly changing bottles or tanks,... You're dependent on zero air leaks and all that monitoring equipment to be working properly... Just doesnt seem worth it to me. And I weighed the idea quite heavily designing my shed.

    This is all grown just from sucking air through the shed. Seems to be doing just fine without added Co2. 20190212_002828.jpg 20181009_120358.jpg 20190201_201514.jpg 20181008_001316.jpg
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  18. Every grow in the world uses co2.. doesn’t matter if the plants get it from plenty of moving air or from a bottle or burner. If it means not having to use a/c why not use fresh air? I use a/c maybe a month a year. My gpw is pretty dang high when I don’t have to factor in the power used on a/c and I don’t buy bottles o co2
  19. You will find some stuff is lost in translation with our American friends here.. pretty sure someone from Florida or AZ can’t even comprehend that someone where I live doesn’t need a/c and even welcomes hid heat half the year or more.
    I’ve found Canadian vs American grow styles are different out of necessity of te environment there in
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  20. Dirtbag


    Ahh, that makes sense. yeah if the ambient outdoor temp is normally higher than 26c, I'd also run sealed with Co2 out of necessity. maybe 3 months a year is it hotter than that here lol. I also rely on my HID and dehu ar night for heat lol.
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