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%50 Rockwool %50 Dwc?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by shqiptar, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Hi all..My first grow White Russian fem. 6week veg. 950ppm 5.8 - 6.0 ph 600w MH. I started with Rockwool, but I had to continue with DWC because its roots came from the bottom. Waiting for your advice please.
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  2. IMG_20190206_220950.jpg
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  4. Nugg


    I'm sure a lot of us use rockwool to start plants for dwc... what's the question?
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  5. Screenshot_20190207-000042.jpg
    My plant is growing very slowly. I think she's been stressed in the first place. Does this affect harvest?
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    One bad leaf isn't will she'd lower said 6 45 days of veg...looks right to me..time to switch to flower...
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  7. I'm a beginner in plant growing, my plant is 3 months old. I could not provide her conditions. However, the facility experienced stress in the first weeks. Does that affect harvest? I want to extend the VEG period as much as possible.

    I am open to your comments and suggestions.

    Thanks a lot
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  8. White Russian veg time

    How does it look?
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  9. I'd flip it, you have two weeks of stretch to come. Nothing wrong with your roots, they look good. Canopy is a bit yellowish, Phosphorus def judging by the size of your plant. Keep an eye on your PH.
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  10. Cal mag issue I’d guess. Cool setup.
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  11. Thanks for message man.
    Do you have any suggestions about phosphorus? Pk 13-14 good?
  12. If I use it, it's only for 3 days in week 5 of flower (DWC), then it's out. Don't often use it, but on big plants like yours, it would be a good idea, or you my find a few unexplained defs turn up.
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  13. I will follow your advice. My plant is quite stunted. The probable cause is stress. I will share the developments with you. Thank you very much, my friend.
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  14. White Russian DWC
    Light on : 25c %50-60h
    Light off: 18c %50-65h watertemp: 18-21c
    Nutrient : b52- sensi cal-mag - hesi power zyme - biobizz root juice- hesi crecimiento grow / connoisseur grow a+b- plagron ph down. Ph levels : 5.5 / 6.2. Ppm: 1050
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  15. How often do you put fresh water and nutes in your setup?
  16. I lost my password to be continued.. And Veg. last weeks. IMG_20190214_082052.jpg IMG_20190214_082038.jpg
  17. IMG_20190215_220942.jpg