600 Watt Metal Halide BaddAss Bulb

Discussion in 'Growroom Design & Setup' started by RedStar, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. RedStar

    RedStar New Farmer

  2. motherlode

    motherlode Well-Known Farmer

    more lumens and cheaper then even some of the cheap brands hps to mh conversion bulbs for 600 watt

    still dont think anybody makes a true 600 watt MH
  3. bellsnickle

    bellsnickle New Farmer

    high output florescent fixtures are much more economical as far as using MH bulbs.... get ya some HO florescent and a 600 w HPS for flowering.
  4. motherlode

    motherlode Well-Known Farmer

    not everybody has the room for a second veg area or money for extra lighting systems

    another thing I like about these bulbs is the price point - they are one of the cheapest 600 Hps to MH coversion bulb
  5. aaxxeell

    aaxxeell Farmer

    only 60,000lumens??? wtf, i know the conversion bulbs have less but hey hps is 90,000, thats a big difference...
    i know what u are goin thru, i bought a luma tek and a bonus was being able to run both hps and mh and i was like woohoo then apon research there was no one that made 600w regular halides, only crappy conversion bulbs.
    so yeah sucks i cant run 1st and last week of flower with full power MH, oh well

    so to fit my needs after my t5ho's died I bought a 250w mh and i love it so much, my mother plants power in veg and i do cuts under my trusty old t8's :banana1sv6:

    if u are just veggin with it and have the dough man i'd be gettin a 250 or 400w mh (28,500 & 39,000lumins)
  6. motherlode

    motherlode Well-Known Farmer

    MH is always way less lumens then HPS
  7. jkodim

    jkodim Active Farmer

    I want to ask if I can put the basil to flower under metal-halid lamp because the hpc is rather old and with very low intensity and I don't have money for a new one. Do you think it would work or it would be a waste of money? Has any of you tried this scheme?
  8. Sea Of Green

    Sea Of Green Guest

    You don't have money for a new HPS bulb. But you already have a MH you want to try and use instead?

    Do I think it would work? Yes, more or less. It depends on the type of MH bulb really. I wouldn't recommend the baddass bulb. AFAIK, it's a blue colored veg bulb.

    Would it be a waste of money? Wait...I thought you didn't have any money. You mean waste of time? Not necessarily IMO.

    Have I tried this scheme? Oh yeah. I've always used just MH to flower. Is it the best idea? I think so, in some cases, with the right bulb that is. What is the best MH for flowering? First choice ceramic MH, second choice red-burning 2.8K-3K MH.
  9. jkodim

    jkodim Active Farmer

    I'm sorry I wasn't clear, I meant a waste of time. Currently I have only a MH lamp, Philips Master HPI-T Plus, 150W and I just wanted to know if I can use the same lamp also for the flowering. Thanks for your reply. Have a nice day and good harvest.
  10. cemchris

    cemchris Well-Known Farmer

    Think the sunpulses are true MH. Not a conversion. Yay or nay?
  11. Sea Of Green

    Sea Of Green Guest

    I vote nay. Since you can't run them on a standard MH ballast because they're pulse-start not probe-start. So in a sense they are conversion bulbs, MH conversion, or electronic/digi ballast conversion.
    Oh, I see. Well that's a 4.5K MH, blue/white colored, better for veg. But it has a pretty decent amount of orange/red light output too, so it may work fairly well for flowering actually.


    Good luck!
  12. jkodim

    jkodim Active Farmer

    I asked because usually Metal Halide lamps are used for the vegetation period and for the flowering - High Pressure Sodium lamps.
  13. Sea Of Green

    Sea Of Green Guest

    Some folks grow their crops entirely, from start to finish, vegetation and flowering, with only one light source or the other. Some prefer to use just MH, some prefer to use just HPS.

    Some folks, mainly those that can afford to, use both from start to finish. Which is what I would do if I could.
  14. Kaybee

    Kaybee New Farmer

    Yes, you can flower with MH alone.
    You don't *NEED* HPS for cannabis to flower.
  15. ProdigyGrower

    ProdigyGrower Alien Junkie and bush master

    i like the ushio super mh works badass but i still think hps is better for veg just get hps for both cheaper and better results.
  16. Sensibowl

    Sensibowl New Farmer

    This is a great discussion about bulbs. Thanks so much everyone for sharing the info.
  17. sedate

    sedate Active Farmer

    Um. And why do you like HPS lights better for veg?

    FWIW there RedStar - since this thread seems to have meandered away from your question - I've heard some pretty bad things about these bulbs.

    A&N marking there logo-feces on shit Chinese re-lamps for a big mark-up is my estimation of this product line. I don't know any long-term grower using these bulbs.

    Lots of other good choices out there. I would keep looking.