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600w Bulb In 1000w Ballast

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by pdasterly, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. i have a doubled ended 1000w ballast and hood but its too hot in room, can i replace bulbs with 600w bulbs and run ballast at 600w
  2. anyone?
  3. I don't believe you can do that but I've been wrong before
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  4. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    I’ve read it’ll work but you are best off with a 600w igniter and capacitor. It’ll draw 600w from the ballast but you want to use the correct igniter and cap to make sure you don’t blow the bulb on ignition. Once it’s fired up it should be just fine though and put off less heat. Another solution is to move the ballast outside the grow area or use a reflector with a tempered glass shield. Which I recommend doing anyhow for fire risk. Then you can vent the heat from the reflector out of the grow space so it doesn’t heat up your grow area.
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  5. ballasts are outside grow area, ordered bulbs, ill have them today
  6. why would you not just run the 1kde bulb on 600w instead of wasting your money? Youve already got a DE bulb that will dim down to 600w.... i mean either Im dumb or ... :speechless:
    DE bulbs do not work near as well if they are in cool hoods. The nitrogen in the outer sphere has to be run at a select temp and will draw heat from outside in to achieve this. Most air cooled hoods will pass cooler air directly over the bulb.

    Have you tried google? There is so many articles on the science of DE technology.
  7. from what i understand a 600w at 100% is more efficient than 1000w running at 60%, so far my temps are down 5 degrees
  8. ive had a few fiends that switched from 1000 watt ,to 600 watt for the reason you just mentioned,they same effect with lower light bill
  9. Most of the 600 de bulbs we had where a little shorter then the 1k's on Gavi's 600/750's at least.
  10. fit perfect, i used spl 600w de hps from amazon
  11. thinking about switching to de wing reflector also