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91 Reserve

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by dankninja, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. hello. recently I got sick of sick clones, and dismal seed stock from expensive big name breeders. I took a chem D bx male from old rz stock. and a chem 91 "bx" female from sw stock. selected for hardiness and resilience to all stressors, no hermaphroditism or issues, very resistant to pests and disease. I put these parents into a small tent separated from my ladies, under a small hps light, and collected the male pollin while it kept the mom company. pollin was painted onto mom with a pony hair brush, and she produced over 500 mature viable seeds.

    I have germ tested 11 of the worst seeds I collected, with 8 opening in under 12 hours. 3 of these are in my veg room running, looks good so far. the mother is uber dank very 91 dom I believe, but I haven't ever owned 91 in its pure state before. the father was culled after he busted his nuts. but very stinky on scratch test, and very solid non hermie, rapid grower.

    so here we go. i will update as we go along here. thanks for the read. and apologies for my crap camera. workin on getting something you can actually see trichs with.
  2. Interesting :)
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  3. the mom turned purple towards the end of her days, makes me wonder about the cc chem 91. beautiful either way very happy here
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  4. I'd hit that! ;)
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  5. gotta get a better camera, just tried for some decent pics so fuzzy. my little camera is about shot
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  6. fruits of my labor
  7. and the mom revegging cut and plant
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  8. gotta borrow a cam but hopefully dried bud pics up soon
  9. I'm here lol
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  10. at least someone is lol. my icmag thread is a dead zone
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  11. might pull a chem D/og x 91 reserve soon ish. gotta wait for the sexing.
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  12. Bomb crossing

    I'd try it ;)
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  13. gonna be taking a break so no more pics for a while. definitely happy with the guinea pigs from original stock. worst looking seeds I had.
    I am a lil curious to what I really have on the mom side, this has some chem 91 but not confident about the genetic makeup... its fire but more kush-ish flavor as it cures. purples late in flower, very stalky and stretchy.... almost had a rks stink at first right after dry. still solid, almost a og skunk flavor and feel.
    pulled a ton more seeds out of the final trim down. looks like a good 1000 from one plant, and just collecting & painting the pollin on from my D male. probly 95% mature and viable. the test seedlings have all come out nice and fat. they all have a good broad leaved look to them.

    thanks for reading. peace.
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  14. the mother back in action. peace
  15. mack 10

    mack 10

    Nice cross.

    Here's some Chem'91 to compare.
  16. Very nice project, seems like a solid cross. How was the bud?
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  17. nice is that pure 91? I was working with bx stock, still curious about mom. my vendor might have botched up the lineage.
  18. delicious. but thats just from the mother, strain is gonna be worked correctly soon in numbers. mother was skunky chem, some kinda rks stink at first. cured for 3 weeks it was among the best meds in the area. sativa dom feel but nice and full bodied, i waited for an extra 10 days to cut. pulled over 1,000 seeds from mom dukes.
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  19. IMG_7674.jpg
    this is my original clone of 91 from chem dawg himself. i've taken care of her for quite sometime now...
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  20. very nice.