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? about advanced nutrients big bud powder and fox farm bloom??

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by haze20s, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. ok i just orderd these 2 bottles and i would like to no if i can mix both of them the fox farm bloom and the advanced nutrients big bud or should i use just one of them the best one?? let mi no if u use one of them and how waz there batch was it sticky tinky dence stuff or wat let mi know thanks!! im growin purple haze in regular soil im already in the flowering stage so i dont need any veg nutes!!
  2. Clarification to your post is needed:
    Is the bloom nute from FF Tiger Bloom or Big Bloom?

    Tiger is a stronger bloom nute than Big Bloom.

    Regardless, you CAN use both together but you will need a meter to check your ppm as you ramp up during heavy flowering to avoid burning your flowers and leaves. Some trial and error testing will be required.
  3. thanx i have ff big bloom and advanced nutrients dr hornbys big bud imma start off slow if i mix the both but i wanna c which one is the best like by itself if nebody use one of these and have piks or details of there grow thanx also how was the bud like??
  4. I believe the ff big bloom is a base nute and the AN Big bud is a additive.
  5. correct sir.
  6. i just mixed both half a cup of the big bloom and like a .2 of the powder also i added a tablespoon of molasses and they are loving it no problems yet!! so far so good
  7. Jalisco Kid

    Jalisco Kid Guest

    I would take it easy on your haze,especially if it is real. I max my PH week 8-13 with 600 base and 150 floral supplement. I have found running 8-900 ppm of base thru flower gives me super airy buds and longer flowering times.
  8. I use Fox Farms nutrients, Big Bloom is their base additive (use to kick the Grow Big and Tiger Bloom), Tiger Bloom is the "flowering" product.

    I would think mixing 2 different flowering nutrients would be bad.
  9. The advanced nutrients product isn't really any more complicated than FF. As compared to FF, advanced nutrients products are easier to utilized and its work smoother. I will stick with advanced nutrients which look better to suite within soil and its actually works.