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Advanced Nutrients Coco Base Sensi Grow A+b

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by tjgunner, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. Just finished my first ever grow, quality was great, yield, not so much. I ended up with roughly 3 oz/plant, but super frosty and aromatic nugs from GG seeds.
    My setup is 3 gal smart pots, 400 watt hps x 3 for a 4 x 8'space. 70/30 coco/perlite using GH Flora Trio with calimagic veg, the trio with Koolbloom liquid, floralicious plus and Raw sweet (no flavor) in flower. I had 7 plants, started with 9, but lost 2 because they just didn't grow well, culled them at 3 weeks. I vegged for too long, my space was not light tight initially so I had to do some work mid veg, so I expected a sacrifice on yield. I watered daily by hand, ph @ 6.0, and I had 2 fans, one circulating, one exhausting thr0ugh a carbon filter. I fought deficiencies but nothing major. Very happy with the quality! I plan on using 600 watt lights this go round.
    My question is nutes. I am thinking of trying the Advanced Nutrients Coco Base line this go round so I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with the line? I have to be gone for a couple weeks at different time for the next grow and this would simplify the mixing for my wife while im gone. Thanks in advance.
  3. MW7945


    Nothing wrong with the GH nutrients really, you maybe just didn't feed aggressively enough. Since you're using coco you can feed quite a bit. .5g per watt does seem pretty low for a HPS though.

    Without seeing pictures it's kind of difficult to tell though. Was the canopy pretty even?
  4. No, I had several that outperformed and I had to move them around to get light to the others. I know I didn't use enough Cali mag. I decided to switch to the advanced Coco line, started seeds a couple days ago. I'm using a different space this time, I will update when I know how many girls sprouted, thanks!
  5. MW7945


    Did you do any topping or anything? A scrog would take care of your canopy issues
  6. I'm using those nutes this run. What I'm going to say next will sound counterproductive, but it's true for this line. Mix each bottle separately into your water, and DO NOT adjust the ph. I was adjusting my ph down to 5.7 from 6.6 because that's where I thought it needed to be. I was having some leaf twisting issues, and N toxicity. On the advice of a fellow grower here (thanks Thejoeybrown) and the support line on the bottle, I stopped adjusting the ph two weeks ago, problems went away. I know it sounds weird, but just mix it, check EC/PPM, and forget.
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  7. hawkman


    you do know that they offer a "PH Perfect" Line which is very good ( NO more checking ph !!!!) if looking for organic "Humbolt County's OWN" hands down ; they really have a excellent terpene and essential oil system. Amson offer thr pack for about $95.00) they offer two but one doesn't have "purple Max" in it which is necessary for improving/brings then out the colors (purple, ect_ which is specific to that strain. I did use advance nutrients Now use Humbolts county own and then each week I use advanced nutrient ( kind of like giving the plants some steroids (exampple : very monday I give them a shot(seroids) then give a daywith h20 then feed
  8. I’m also using AN And I’m also adjusting the ph to 5.7 AND ALSO having issues my res is rising from 5.7 to 6.6 over night. After you stopped adjusting was everything cool? Also we’re you using any other line of additives? Thanks
  9. I was using a non AN silica. And yes, as soon as I stopped adjusting the pH it got better. The growers help line told me as long as my pH is between 5.0 - 8.0 I’m good. The nutes are designed to “feed” the plant anywhere in that range.
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  10. Madmax


    Chelates organic molecules are pretty good hey allowing the macro,micro and secondary nutrients to b available over a wider ph being all new to this didnt know jack what that meant..its pretty cool what they do.not using this brand ,guy at shop gave me professors nutetrients which is also chelated....advanced nutrients is pricey but..
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