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advice on cloning please

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques & Problems' started by drpressure600, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. i'm after putting a 250w envirolite into a 1.5m square tent with a inlet & outlet fan, the heat is now 24 degrees, it's also in a back room, does anyone think i should be ok to go ahead & put some clones in this, i'd so much hassle the last few weeks with the weather in the loft & cupboard, i'm worried at this stage, any advice would be great, thanks . .
  2. Zoolander

    Zoolander Premium Member Supporter

    I keep my clones around 80 to 85 degree's and the humidity at 90% and get 95%+ rooted cut's in 7 to 10 days.:)
  3. reply to clones

    i know my friend, it's like they usually work easy but the summer weather is so unpredictable, i've suffered big time the last month or so with clones & seeds, with rising temp's etc, but i think i should be ok to use the method i wrote, i'm thinking weather to leave it for two weeks till the middle of august or use the tent now, if i put a bowl of water under a 250w envirolite would it be good enough to rise humidity . .
  4. One trick to raise humidity if you have any kind of propagation dome is to mist the inside of the dome every few hours or as often as possible then place the dome back over them.

    As far as heat goes, my experience is that unrooted clones can take more heat than a full-sized plant. You might try to spray the leaves with a wilt-proofing agent to keep them from transpiring as much....? It might just get ya through till the temperatures swing in your favor.
  5. zoochory

    zoochory Guest

    Some moist coco in the bottom of the propagator does the trick dude...
  6. to pro

    what exactly is a wilt proofing agent, also, i usually just spray the clones as inside the prob often as i feel needed ok, thanks kid . .
  7. re

    wilt stop from Advanced nutes , use a dome or get some cling wrap and make a few tiny holes in it and use it to make a dome over your cuts,
  8. wonka


    get a aero clone machine.. will pay for it but will be the best money ever spent..
  9. about aero machine

    i had one, but i didn't think much of it, how long would you let the roots grow too and how long would you leave them in it for, i think my problem the last few weeks was the summer weather, up and down was terrible, not to worry,
  10. wonka


    i would let my roots grow 2 or 3 inches... if the water temps went up i would and some ice to keep temps down.. never lost one clone with it.. for me anyways i would never go threw the hasle of a dome again..
  11. maturesmoker

    maturesmoker Guest


    I'm not the worlds greatest cloner by a long shot....... but I can do it, and the more I try different methods the more I come round to the simplest method of all! Take you cutting, make the angle cut and drop it into a cup of water...done! Change the water every few days and within 14 days you will have roots.

    Recently I tried Root Riot cubes for the first time, the reason was that a friend who grows hydro wanted a couple of cuts.... so I bought them, put my cuttings in..... and a week later they were all dead! Entirely my fault I know that but I was used to placing my cuts in soil and spraying with water etc. So back to basics.... my wife says " I'll show you how to root cuttings", shes good, if shes out and sees a shrub she likes she clips a bit off, brings it home and roots it...never fails! So I take 6 cuts from a Bubba O Kush clone give 3 to her and I have 3. We both agree to root in water, I dip mine in clonex and into a mug with about 2" water ! She puts hers in a small glass on a window sill in full sun! But theres a secret ingredient right! she wont yet tell me what it is... but I saw her changing the water, leaving the cuts dry for a while before refilling :)

    8 days later, guess whos winning?.... Yep..not me! You cant see the fine roots in this shot but look how healthy they are.
  12. DroMan


    i once made a bubble cloner, which was super cheap and easy. easy as drilling holes and adding a good airstone. no dome or anything and i have roots in atleast 10 days. i've read several people don't even use root tone or anything for that matter. just straight up water and they still are getting roots
  13. cdc


    if ya happy with the way ya doing the clones ...but ya just worried about the temps can always just cover em with a plastic bottle or something to up the temp :).