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Agitation Adding Recovery

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by dabarino, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. why does shaking the recovery tank help speed recovery up so much.. the way I see it shaking would create high pressure in the tank. Not low pressure which is what you want. What’s the science behind it?
  2. I'm not sure about a room temp tank, but I was watching a vid of BretMav using his sweetleaf setup and when he would shake up his tank that was on dry ice, agitating the tank would make the liquid solvent come into contact with the colder walls of the tank and chill the liquid down even more, reducing pressure and making recovery that little bit easier. Or at least thats how my brain interpreted what was going on... lol
  3. Ok that makes sense for sure. And that is what I’m using is dry ice and alcohol I recover passively
  4. Here's the links to the videos with Bret Mav if you want to watch and see how he does it.
    Work Sesh 6
    Work Sesh 7
    Work Sesh 8

    Word of warning, through most of the video, its not really That bad, but his intro of yyaaaa dog word up!!, is incredibly fucking annoying to me :-X lol so just try to hang in there for the bits of knowledge he drops.
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  5. Ya I’ve seen a bit of one of those before.. thanks for the share
  6. shaking forces more gas to be in contact with the cold liquid and the tank walls. contact with the cold is what causes the gas to convert to a liquid. converting more of the gas in the tank to liquid will reduce pressure.
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