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Alcohol Extraction

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by ShiftyThumb, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Ok so I've recently used 91% isopropyl alcohol to do an extraction. Floated my trim and shook vigorously for 90-120sec. Filtered through a coffee filter into a pyrex and put a fan over it to let it evaporate until morning. What's left has been absolutely awesome. My I need to put the dried pyrex in the over for 10-15min on 200ish to decarbo blah blah convert the THC or is it good to go? Seems to work pretty well. Thanks
  2. If you're smoking it then no you dont need to decarb it. and as far as i understand since it's extremely high THC even for ingestion it doesn't need to be decarboxilated
  3. dealwis


    sounds interesting.How it feels ?
  4. are you referring to the 'golden goodness', thread? which I think is basically budder… i guess it would depend on if u wanted budder - or believed it to be more potent. from what little i can remember from the research ive done, supposedly this baking step converts THC-A (not very psychoactive) to THC (psychoactive). I think this has been disproven… ? havn't really done my homework on it tho.
  5. Tastes absolutely amazing. Just got done sharing some with close buddies and they loved it. Really does the job too. Suuuuuuuper potent. And it tastes -EXACTLY- like the strain it came from. Can't wait to try it again with another strain to see if holds true. The strain I used seems to taste really hashy on it's own so I'm not entirely sure if it's just a flavor transfer, or the taste of the bud/hash. Probably the easiest way to make extract. Perfect for beginners. Just don't spill the pan that you fill up with THC laden isopropyl. Did that the first time I ever tried this method. I suggest having your evaporation container in it's final resting place before filtering into it.
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  6. Blaze


    It is a matter of preference in my opinion. Personally I like it when it has been de-carbed. Either method will get your super stoned though. Cool to see some other people rocking the alcohol extractions - I far prefer it to most butane based extracts.
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  7. motherlode

    motherlode Moderator

    I have a fat bottle of 190 proof everclear - thank you arizona!

    will it work as well as iso for extraction or should I soak/shake longer?
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  8. Dz1PnK


    it should work better. 190 proof is 95%. my buddy says its the best isht ever
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  9. Blaze


    The higher the % of alcohol the faster it extracts. With 190 it shouldn't take much, maybe a minute, two at most. If you leave it in too long it tends to pick up a lot of the chlorophyll and will start to taste sort of nasty. You will have to play around with it a bit to see what works best for you.
  10. Don't use everclear. Use isopropyl. The everclear will leave the alcohol starches and sugars that are in ethanol and leave them behind in your hash, leaving a harsher burn and thicker, harsher smoke. If you can find 99% isopropyl, that's the best. Do you find that your flavor of the buds transfers into the hash using this method?
  11. motherlode

    motherlode Moderator

    I havent done it yet with the everclear

    I thought I read once there was something different about the grain liqour v alcohol

    I have tried it with 91% iso and I could taste the iso - but I am a picky snobby fucker I will be the first to admit

    and only tried it ounce so it may not have been the best technique

    been trying to find 99% in my area for awhile now - no luck

    thx man
  12. 100_0704.JPG
    5 grams of GDP alcohol extraction. Looks like HighTimes Wax. Super stoked. Not as sticky as the GK turned out. Think I scraped it up drier. Flavor also not as potent as GK but very potent stone. Good harvest time. More body in it like I wanted. =)
  13. Zonkerly



    I got over 13 grams out of my trim, last run ,useing this method.Cheap ,easy,and fast.Lasted me 4 months and was good from day 1 to the end.My SK#1 hash tasted thet best of all.

  14. Mother, if you wanted to use the Everclear to make oil, it would work well for tincture or cooking.
  15. I've really enjoyed this finished product lately. It seemed to mellow a bit or I got more used to it one. Still very expansive smoke but with a taste that just coats your tongue and stays for a few breaths afterwards. The little crystals are good when sprinkled in a joint.
  16. Picky and snobby is my middle name when it comes to chemicals in my oil. Everclear is perfect for making a good extract. Try different times of soaking, I personally perfer to do two pulls. One at 15 seconds and the other at 30.

    Lately Ive been messing with the Everclear real tuff. Got me tha 190 proof. I dont know what homeboy is taking about when hes talking sugars and etc, its pretty damn pure in my opinion. 95.6 percent ethanol and 4.4 percent water. Everclear is also relatively low in congeners. In the alcoholic beverages industry, congeners are substances produced during fermentation. These substances include small amounts of chemicals such as acetone, acetaldehyde, and other higher alcohols, esters, and aldehydes (e.g. propanol, glycols, ethyl acetate). Congeners are responsible for most of the taste and aroma of distilled alcoholic beverages, and contribute to the taste of non-distilled drinks.

    I have used gin once and got some sugars that are used like dude said. But again that was like 40 proof.
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  17. harborside in oakland has a really good isopropyl amber glass that tests at like 75 percent, every once in a while. if you see it pick it up, pure dank
  18. I use the 99% and shake for 15 seconds run it threw a nylon put it in a double water bath on the stove top in the pyrex of course. I leave it just a little soupy , kind a globby. Then air it out, close it back up this a for several weeks. Im good to go
  19. Where can I get 99% iso readily? Been using 91% with good results.
  20. Do you get a decent yield only shaking for 15 seconds? I'm pretty sure the longer, the more chlorophyll you pull. That being said, I would have thought 30 seconds would be about a minimum. If you don't mind, would you write a little more detailed thread about your process. I'd like to try it next time. Also to reiterate pheno's question of where do you find 99% iso?