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AN big bud and bud factor x how much per gallon

Discussion in 'Basic Growing Information' started by Venom818, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Was wondering how much big bud and how much bud factor x are u guys/gals using per gallon?
  2. 8 ml/g of the big bud liquid.
    i recomend using the bud factor x only as a rectal cleaner

  3. im using big bud powder bro

    rectal cleaner ?
  4. Let me guess they said get the powder cause "its more bang for the buck" i got powder and liquid and only use the powder to fill the bottle back up, imo powder sucks cause u have to mix it separately before add'n it to anything.

  5. nice guess but wrong bro,I got the powder because a friend recommended it.
    Why do you have to mix it separate?
  6. ProdigyGrower

    ProdigyGrower Alien Junkie and bush master Supporter

    8 ml per gallon my dude actually I've Ben using all An products including the base witch I use the Connie at 8 ml per gallon and I get amazing results super simple and works awesome it's the fool proof way to useing advanced nutrients because everyone who has used An knows if u use at recommended strength u might as well light your plants on fire but 8 ml across the board works great bro try it out
  7. ProdigyGrower

    ProdigyGrower Alien Junkie and bush master Supporter

    The liquid big bud is actually more coast effective believe it or not and the powder is a bitch to mix in I recommend mixing it in a jug and then pouring it in ur rez and dnt start using the bus factor x untill at least week 3 I start using it at week 4 and it word awesome really bring out the resin but use big bud from the start weeks 1-6 I use it with plain Ro water and final phase during week 7 along with hygrozyme and then jus plain Ro in week 8 works awesomel I also recommend using liquid carboload from 1-7 it has done me good it should do u rite but never use the base at recommended strength unless that's all your gonna use trust me u will burn the shit out of your girls and you always have such pretty girls any way stay frosty bro peace
  8. ProdigyGrower

    ProdigyGrower Alien Junkie and bush master Supporter

    My bad not big bud 1-6 lol bud candy sry about that big bud weeks 3 and 4 lol I'm blowed my bad hope this helps An has given me the biggest frostiest buds I have ever got but u dnt need their hole line up jus a few key products and I will kick ass pm me if u want my recipe stay lit peace
  9. bud factor x

  10. use 1/4 tsp to half a tsp per gallon of the powder....... if you buy the liquid version you short change your from a old member who worked at advanced,,,,,,,when they make the liquid version they cant use all the things in the powder or it binds so........Its basically a basic npk. compared to the powder.......

    I stopped using the bigbud powder after about 5 years my favorite booster , because now it looks different and they took dr hornbys name off the label. meaning they probably changed the it just advanced bigbud.

    used to look and smell like ramen powder. now it looks like baby powder
  11. thnx to everybody for the response keep them coming
  12. Yep..... 8ml a gallon for the Big bud....If you compare the amounts suggested on the powder compared to the liquid....The liquid is more cost efficient...Already sat and figured this out at the store when i was tryin to save some loot....Bud factor x didn't work for my set up....Big Bud improved overall shape, size, and density when i first tried it so it stays in my arsenal...Worked great for me as a mid bloom booster in hydro when used with H&G's line..since they don't have a mid bloom booster....Peace
  13. is porchmonkey the only dude on this site that uses the big bud powder
  14. my mid life pk booster is usually what ever i choose when im at the store lol
    have swapped out big bud powder, big bud liquid, kool bloom powder, kool bloom liquid, and hydroplex without much of a difference in quality.
  15. how did u guys come to that conclusion
    correct me if im wrong

    big bud liquid ask for 5ml per litter so the litter makes 50 gallons
    the big bud powder asks for 10 grams for 20 litters and the container has 130 grams which is 65 gallons
  16. i quit looking at advanced stuff, assumed all liquids were 8ml/g

  17. Big Bud liquid is 8 ml a gallon...*It is the old bottle that calls for 5 ml a liter*....*The new version calls for 8 ml a gallon*
    A liter is 1000ml... ....divide that by 8ml a gallon =125 gallons of feed water
    Compared to 65 gallons of feedwater that the powder liquid makes twice as now......How much does the liter of liquid cost compared to the 130g powder?
    The 130g powder costs $26.76
    The liquid liter costs $43.90 *

    If you divide $26.76 by 65 gallons you get $0.41 a gallon for the powder
    If you divide $43.90 by 125 gallons you get $0.35 a gallon for the liquid

    The liquid is cheaper and I personally don't like powders...I would rather the liquid.....So.....That's how i came to that conclusion....So I am correcting you cuz you are wrong sir.....Peace

  18. thats cool i don't mind being corrected I just hadnt seen the new big bud liquid the powder stronger than the liquid?
  19. well ......this is how you find the relativity in strength.....

    a 0-10 -10 is the same as 0-5-5 it is not a percentage but a ratio... 1-3-1 liquid = 10- 30- 10 powder

    or 1 - 1 -1 liquid = 33% - 33% - 33% powder, excluding the small amount of trace elements thrown in.

    So the liquid and the powder Big bud are the same strength, but the liquid is a bit cheaper....I guess it comes down to what you prefer....liquid or powder....The liquid is only 6 cents cheaper a gallon....he he... I used to suck at math in school....Looks like i can do it when it matters...:).... lol.....
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