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Any Help Or Advice On Setting Up A Website?

Discussion in 'Smokers Lounge' started by juggernaut, May 23, 2018.

  1. Or who to talk to, costs, what i'll need. im compt illiterate but its my club my website.
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  2. about $100 a year to have storage space for your website's files on a server (this is called website hosting) and to own your domain (you buy your name and pay for it annually). beyond that design and the designer, you pick the sky is the limit. if your website is popular your annual fees will go up because you will need to pay more for hosting.
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  3. lino


    Pro ?
    I'd recommend Google, FB, Universal Analytics if you want and monitor lots of traffic and users.
    SEO needed? Its changing rapidly,,, I'd avoid FB to protect your site users.
    ol skool database sites will be outdated but prob not for many years.
    Blockchain technology would be ideal but expensive if you dont DIY. Blockchain sites will be 1st in Search Engines soon and its already happening to high rank blockchain sites.
    If your trying to offer protected video you need a pro.
    If its imperative that your site appear exact on 90% of devices you need a pro.

    Network Solutions has good tech support,
    Godaddy - host gator are cheaper but better if you got a little knowledge.
    Club site? sounds like a DIY site,,, not to hard, and they have pro's who will build it but I recommend a DIY hosting on their company server through their online building tools - its sounds like a President treasure, secretary club site...

    If your Biz model is internet driven I'd get free consults from the pro's .... Its better to have a Biz model that sell ideas and products live and gets sales with the internet as secondary sales tool, but not a must...

    If you dont have time or patience to build it PM me.....
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    Someone who is decently computer savvy can build a website on squarespace, without any web development experience. But again, still need to know computers pretty well. I think it's about $35/mo. Small learning curve, but very doable.
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  6. lino


    no comment. questions?
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  7. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    Pm me and i can set you up with a web designer. Ill just give her your email or something if you want.
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  8. lino


    Pro's vs Joe's
    DIY is great for hobbiest. Many of my contracts were to destroy competitors website. Some of my bro's are google server, internet cops and other SEO engineers. They will take down what is deemed illegal, immoral, or what ever reason they decide to bury a site or just remove it completely from main search engines.
    If your biz is reliant on web traffic and you are in an aggressive competitive Internet market , i'd highly recommend a pro. In 2017 i was contracted to destroy the competition in the sand blasting biz. My contract did not have a No Compete clause so after really hurting other blasting businesses the very wealthy guy I was working for ended my contract. I went to the businesses that were hurt and repaired the damages with no compete contract clause in the new contracts as not to bother my conscious as bad.
    Social Media, many sites cant live w/o SM. They're pure Evil ! FB will own us as slaves soon enough. With one man who has kept the world from this disaster so far, but FB evil will prevail in the end. Had he not been elected net neutrality would have ended small biz on the internet.
    The internet (servers hid in closets) and our Gov balanced on verge of collapse for 8 years, now our Gov and internet power teater on the verge of Greatness. But it is a fine line as everything on the net will be corrupt and hacked soon as I'm from the camp that thinks the blockchain will not repair the problem, just makes it worse.
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  9. lino


    My best advice for internet users.


    Do you realize you lost 4 years of your life to a 4" screen. You are addicted and can not stop using social media, trust me on that. This site is SM, what will 4 years of staring at a LED screen do to you? Your addiction is driven by AI brainwashing you and filling you with hate, discontent, and jealousy for the Macho Trump lovers out there and vise versa, man buns and emo pants piss me off... lol
  10. Always gotta have that No Compete clause! I'm just curious what your general tactic is to bury competition, as I work in web dev also. Is it just to create enough related content (including PPC) that the competitions site gets pushed back in organic searches? Or do you just make your client's website & advertisements so much better that people start going there more?

    We get contracted to build promotional sites, but I've never had anyone ask us to destroy the competition. I'm just curious what your general approach is (Not asking for specific proprietary tactics or anything).
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  11. lino


    I use tactics not standard in the industry. During my certifications of Adobe Photoshop forensics science and my Google analytics and FB analytics certs I met internet cops and very powerful ppl in google and other SE ppl that can take site down (that are very good freinds of mine), removed from hosting servers. EULA agreements by hosting companies are not read a ppl who didnt understand they're bout to lose ownership of the hosting and DOMAIN names thru net neutrality ond contract violations. With help of internet cops and EULA violations, biz owners and site developers are not aware of this, we take over the hosting and domain names just to start our with.. and that just the start,
    I was PI for the state of Colo so I have the ability to attack the biz in many other way also... We can put liens on banks and property and attack with nasty court actions outlining internet, tax and other violations ,,, we are experts at compliance and attacking violations, Most sites violate EULA agreements and dont meet handicap and other obligations. I have not been hired by any website development company that has a clue about any of this I just mentioned. Our attorneys are also expert in Cannabis website law (international, federal and colo) , our attorneys wrote Amen 64 and leading lawyers in the cannabis industry so I can attack from so many direction it aint funny....
    what the ol saying,,,,
    Keep your freinds close and your enemies even closer...

    They wont ask you to destroy the comp... You ask how much they would pay you to get rid of them....
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  12. Wow, I didn't realize you could take down sites like that, legally. Although considering how law works in this country, I guess that the sky is the limit when you want to start going through the fine print!

    Hope I never get on your shit list! LoL
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