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Any Suggestions On Starting Old Seeds

Discussion in 'Basic Growing Information' started by Jimmer69, May 30, 2018.

  1. Does anyone have any idea of starting older seeds, someone I jnkn was telling me that this guy in California has a way to bring back 20 year old seeds ,with a 100 percent sussecc
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  2. How old are the seeds you want to try? It is true that some seeds will germinate that are 17-20 years old, but how the seeds were stored has everything to do with viability length. 5 to 6 years in a fridge will give you a chance at 100% germination, but that is the only experience I have had personally. I have just read over the years several times about a few folks successfully germinating seeds as old as 20 years. Hope this helps.
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  3. Not really sure how old they ,there actually not supposed to be that old ,but ImI having a hard time getting them to start,and they r supposed to be really good.
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  4. Where did they come from, and have you had issues terminating seeds before? More info please. How are you going about germination?
  6. I ordered them off a web site, I live in Michigan ,I thought they where coming from traverse City, but they came from across sees ,which I don't care ,but I germinate with a damp paper towel under a light in a cantaner ,and have no problems till resently. That is why I believe that they were older seeds,
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  7. Well, I have got seeds from a bank and had almost no germination. If you explain to the seedbank exactly what you did to germinate, and couldn't get any to pop properly, they will send some more. That's why I'm particular which seed bank I order from. Now, there are tons of them. I get all mine from a site in the UK, but the seeds are produced in Amsterdam. Been getting them from the same few trusted sites for 15 years.
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  8. CrimsonEcho

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    If you want to try there are some products which supposedly increases germ rate, seed boosters. Also i read giving a bath of water, h2o2 and some sort of sugar like glycose, you can soak in this mixture for about 4 hours and then put between damp paper towels. I personally use plagron seed booster even tho i had 100% germ rate with seeds from dinafem just to be on the safeside, is it necessary? Absolutely not, most seedbanks will replace like he said
    Also a seed boster product in general, practically works on the same principle as the mixture i gave the recipe for. They are basically sterile sugar boosts, of course there are probably hormones in most of them too but they are not cheap.
  9. CrimsonEcho

    CrimsonEcho Premium Member Supporter

    Once its dead its dead, i don’t think you can germinate 20 year old seeds with 100% success, not even if they were properly stored. The seed is alive, true it is in statis but nonetheless it is slowly dying and can stay viable for even longer than 20 years if stored properly but 100% success seems far fetched to me. I would love to be wrong on this one tho.
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  10. Your not wrong, but quite correct.
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  13. The best way I know to get really old, almost dead seeds to germinate, is to very carefully crack the shell, and remove the whole, intact nut from inside. Then, using a 10:1 water/coconut water solution, soak them a day or two, then place in moistened paper towel, rock wool, or whatever your usual, preferred method is. Seeds have embryos (cotyledon, the first tiny leaves) feed the plant, just like an egg has an embryo to feed a critter, until the tap root is established well enough to feed the plant itself. The older and dryer seeds get, the weaker, and smaller their cotyledon becomes. You can tell after germination, the cotyledons on old seeds are small, shriveled, and weak looking. The barely have enough food to survive. By removing the nut from the shell, you save the seed all that energy it takes to break out, and put it straight to establishing a root system. Good Luck! I just started some from 2004, and they’re doing great!
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  14. imo, put em in the fridge overnight.... then drop em in ro for 2 days... if nothing happens leave em another day or 2 then moist pappertowl them in a sealed container... if nothings happening after a day or two start prayin:D
  15. Whst strain?,good luck!,76
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  16. ive herd of sanding them...splitting.... opening...crushing etc. i think it to be wants to grow, its its only purpose afterall
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  17. i cracked some 15 yr old seeds couple years ago,made me a scratch tube from sand paper,close off both ends and shake the seeds inside,get a good scar on them,put in a cup of ro water and put them in the dark,check 24 hrs later,any seed still floating get tossed,those on bottom i keep,put back in the dark in a warm place,come back and check daily up to 4 days,they will pop a tail in the water,those that havent,i then put in a paper towel,place in a cd case stand it straight up and put on or close to some heat,the tails will grow straight down,ready to plant when need be,learned this trick from a german bro,works good too,if the tail intertwine with the paper towel dont try to dig it out,just get as much the towel off you can and plant that bitch
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  18. Hey thanks so much,I've been getting a lot of good advice,but this is probably the most interesting one I will definitely be trying it,thanks again
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