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Anybody Have Success With Rick Simpson Oil On Cancer ??????????

Discussion in 'Medical Club' started by budfarmer, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. My wife has Leukemia we happened to have saved a small amount of sugar leaf which I turned into Rick Simpson oil and my wife has started into the 90 day program to hopefully shut this shit down. We would like to hear from fellow farmers that had success beating cancer using Rick Simpson oil themselves or their friends and family members. There seems to be a lot of rah rah rah sis boom bah chearleading going on promoting the benefits of Rick Simpson oil but that all seems to fade away when you start looking for actual success stories, yes there are some success stories out there but not the number you would think there would be considering all the fanfare. Unfortunately it looks right now like the only possible way she will survive beyond the Dr. estimate of 2-3 years is going to be with Rick Simpson oil, with the proposed Chemo she has a 50% chance the cancer will go into remission and a 50% chance the Chemo will wipe her immune system completely out and she will die from the treatment so options are real limited. I hope the Rick Simpson oil works because the 2-3 year survival is if she lives through the Chemo and goes into remission that would give her 2-3 more years. I may need to resort to asking Canadian growers of Heavy Indica's like BCBD The Black to donate sugar leaf trim to us until I can get production up on my own but if need be I will do that later as we have about a month supply of oil right now. Thanks for any first hand reports of Rick Simpson oil successes.
  2. thgobs


    Here you go budfarmer please look at this with your wife my friend!

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  3. Wee Zard

    Wee Zard

    Leukemia is a bear!
    And the type of chemo used is designed to wipe out the immune system.
    The next step used to be a bone marrow transplant and that required the killing of the patient bone marrow with radiation.
    Call it a hard reboot of the blood factory.
    Now, they are using stem cells for the transplant, with limited success.

    Had a relative run the whole course of conventional treatment with 3 "remissions" and then die, partially from the treatment.
    We presented the evidence for cannabis but, their mindset and illegality of their location made them opt for conventional.

    There are hundreds of different diseases called cancer.
    There are several "flavors" of leukemia
    It is not a single target.
    I have not seen any "solid, documented oil remission of leukemia yet. :(

    For what it's worth, I am having limited success with prostate cancer.
    By limited, I mean that with no other treatment or change of lifestyle, it has slowed the growth of of an already slow growing cancer down until it's more likely I'll croak from old age. :)

    Wish this was a little more rah rah, but I honestly can not say that the oil will treat leukemia effectively, or at all.
    What I can point out is that it will do no harm.
    It's the only present treatment that does no harm.
    And, importantly, I can't find any well documented cases of RSO failures with leukemia.

    Given that, the course seems clear.

    Best of luck.
    And Aloha,
  4. Ive been fighting esophogeal cancer and I took oil till I got we o sick from chemo I just stopped oil..Im starting my oil back now just for preventive medicine..I firmly believe the oil slows down or stops the cancer .its not my life but id look into modern medicine and oil..I did 8 chemo and 35 radiation treatments this winter..its a long road and I hope she gets better..ive had a pet scan which is a test for cancer and my throat cancer is gone for now
  5. Thank you everybody for your thoughts and well wishes, there are lots of annecdotal stories but when you get right down to trying to locate real success stories 1st hand it seems to evaporate. Wee Zard I'm sure you have heard but just in case not there was a segment on Dr. OZ about cannabis and Prostate Cancer turns out cannabis stops Prostrate Cancer dead cold in the lab so it's not a case of whether it works or not it works, researchers now need to create a way to deliver this to the Prostrate and they will I'm sure. There are a lot of people that claim to have had success with Leukemia and this is the only possibility for long term survival for my wife.
  6. Oom pah pah

    Oom pah pah Loompa Farms

    My father had prostate cancer. When we found out he began treating himself with oil. The doctors approved of this route but also talked him into removing the prostrate ( Da Vinci) . He is currently cancer free two years later and still ingesting as preventative.
  7. Thanks for the encouraging news OPP !
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  8. Wee Zard

    Wee Zard

    Saw the Dr Oz segment.
    Gotta point out that many things, including aspirin can stop PC cells "dead cold" in the lab.
    Fact is, it's hard to keep them alive in a petri dish.
    In situ delivery of medication is a major problem.
    PC "mets" favor the bones.
    Once that happens delivery of RSO is a major difficulty. We need to saturate the entire body to have a high enough blood level of cannabinoids.
    It's difficult, and wasteful

    Well, here's hope in the form of an old enemy.
    Polio virus!
    What they are trying is a little gene splice here.
    They snip out the genes that cause paralysis and replace them with innocuous genes from another virus.
    Then they plan to use the virus to infect the tumor cells.
    That's the tricky part. It needs to be delivered directly to a tumor.

    If you do have a growing cancer, that indicates that it has manage to "cloak" itself
    to "hide" from your immune system.
    The polio virus, though rendered harmless, causes your immune system to attack and destroy all the infected cells.
    Your immune system is armed and ready to fire at Will.
    You just need a way to point at "Will"
    Trials are promising.

    Anecdotes, we have.
    Remissions, we have.
    What I want, is actual documentation.

    What I have, is documentation of slowed growth.
    I have a graph of PSA assays that clearly shows growth retardation with RSO.
    And a resumption of rapid growth when the RSO was interrupted.
    (Long story involving root aphids and sick friends)

    The growth curve went from logarithmic to actually below linear with < 1 gram per day of average strength RSO.
    The good news?
    That's all it takes to beat prostate cancer.

    PC can take a decade or two to kill.
    Calculating the "doubling rate" can give a rough idea of survival odds and timing.
    My original doubling rate said I had about 12 years.
    That was about 9 years ago and my PSA has just now reached the high/normal mark for people who still have a prostate gland.
    So, that 12 years became >21 years.
    If that rate holds I'll be in my 90's when it become serious.
    Good enough! :)

    I have no solid documentation of remission of leukemia with RSO, yet.
    As you can imagine, I have been digging for sometime.
    So, again, the RSO won't hurt and we do have reasons to believe that it may help.

    But in this big a fight it's best to use all the weapons you can find.
    Look into the polio virus trials.
    Contact UCSF, and Kaiser San Francisco.
    Both are doing trials with Cannabinoids.

    There are many, documented, spontaneous remissions with leukemia.
    I'm gathering all that I can find to look for a common link.
    If you have some, please point me at them.

    Don't give up hope leukemia is beatable.


  9. This looked pretty good to me This is going to be a long 90 days ! My wife has not smoked for quite a while and has no tolerance so a small amount of oil makes her bombed that is the only down side so far but then again if you where getting heavy chemo I suppose you would feel bombed out and just lay around anyway.
  10. Oom pah pah

    Oom pah pah Loompa Farms

    Try dosing at night. Micro dosing has its place, but you need to ingest a decent amount for the protocol. I've always told folks to up their doses at night if they do not enjoy the other effects.
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  11. I have been making and taking my homemade version of the oil for a few years in an attempt to prevent the regrowth of a brain tumor and it seems to be working. Coincidentally, on Sunday I spoke with Josh Stanley at the Realm of Caring booth at the Cannabis Cup in Denver and asked him if he had any good recovery stories and he related a case of leukemia that was considered terminal, and the patient is currently considered either in remission or cured. We discussed dosage and he suggested that I was on the right track with 500mg of CBD oil from a CW or R14er type plant, plus 200mg of high THC oil per day. How are you making the oil? I use Everclear and a counter top still and can post up the method if you are interested. Good luck!
  12. 420 my neighbor told me about his friend doing the same thing you are for several years apparently he has no more brain tumour problems to date. According to Simpson and his people it is the THC that does the cancer killing not the CBD, to bad we need the THC not the CBD. It has occured to me since CBD counter acts the high from THC it might be possible to use CBD to counter act the high effect but would that counter act the medicinal effect of THC ? I think we will stick with high THC for now but it would be nice to be able to use something like Harlequin.
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  14. Yep...a good buddy of mine has helped a LOT of people beat cancer with RSO. The ones who didn't make it were the ones who refused to change their diet.

  15. The best first step is to figure out what you are fighting, the pathology of the tumor or the exact disease, identified and researched, so you see what's currently being done and how that's working. PubMed is an excellent place to research, there is a search on the site. There are several cannabis research reports there with encouraging results.
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  16. Proof helps in this fight. I shut down the FB page that I had been using as a data sharing site after a large number of false claims were posted and the conversation degenerated into a shouting match between supporters of different solvents, neither side having any science behind their positions, just a lot of emotion. The anti-Monsanto, anti-GMO, anti-fluoride, vaccines, weather control... Look, without discussing any of those other things, I'd like to figure out how to survive here.

    There is substantial data about the research trials that have been done so far, PubMed and similar sites contain a lot of genuine research data. Genuine because it was gathered using scientific methods, by trained people, primarily doctors. If I see another post about all doctors belonging to some vast conspiracy, my head will explode. So, if you want to really find out what will work to cure something, you start by identifying what you want to cure. Specifically. You cannot say that cannabis oil cures cancer. That is proven to be untrue. Many cancer types have killed many patients who tried the oil. You could probably say that the oil helped most of them, the idea of using cannabis as a palliative care medicine has quite of lot of support because of the evidence gathered by doctors who tried it on their patients and many actual patient reports. Sadly, the cure data is not as clear or as encouraging. But there are some exceptional stories, there are cases of cures and remissions, but the results are not so good that we can see a cure for "every type of cancer and disease", as some are claiming. Sorry, the evidence is not there.

    But there is evidence that the oil has cured some people. So this is worth looking into, along with anything else that has been tried successfully in the past on others, FOR THE SPECIFIC CONDITION that we want to treat. I am convinced that the palliative care effects of cannabis oil justify the effort involved in making and taking it, at least with regards to brain cancer. The lab results with glioma cell apoptosis are very encouraging, tumors in mice and in a petri dish were "healed" by exposing them to THC, so that is good evidence that this might work in people. This is not proof of a cure, just one possible treatment that looks encouraging. For gliomas, this looks like it may help. Immunotherapy and the new polio virus genetic thing along similar lines look like the current cutting edge treatments with the most promise, but they are still a ways off, maybe a couple years at the soonest, so cannabis oil looks good right now.

    Identify your enemy. Get the pathology of the disease identified first, then do the homework on that condition as far as what has been tried and then evaluate the historical results and decide if that's what you want to do. For glioma patients it depends which specific grade and type of tumor is involved, as far as which treatment helps. For grade 1 and 2, a surgery to remove the tumor is sometimes enough. Grade 3 and 4, the surgery is typically followed by chemo with Carboplatin or another awful poison, in an attempt to kill the cells without killing the patient, with not too encouraging results, but sometimes it works and, along with radiation, some patients have been saved, but not nearly enough. Please do not tell me the doctors do this just for money. I met many oncologists and can tell you that they are fighting a war to save people and will use whatever they think will work. If we can show the medical community that cannabis oil works against something they will use it. Research is getting underway currently at University of Colorado, funded with cannabis tax dollars and conducted by doctors and medical professionals, but this is very early and the results are not going to be applicable to every disease, just what the study is designed for.

    I'll post up the method that I use to make the oil at home with Everclear. The advice about sugar looks like good advice, same with eliminating alcohol, but is there any evidence that this actually affects disease or improves the patient's condition, or is it a best guess? I have lost 80 pounds and find that any time I can eat something I should, simply to increase my caloric intake to slow or stop this wasting away. I have started making beer because I like it, it makes me happy, euphoric, like with cannabis, and has a lot of calories, so it should help with maintaining weight. I also crave candy after smoking and indulge in sweets, which makes me smile, so there needs to be some genuine scientifically proven reason to cut it from my diet, or I will continue to eat it. Do not tell me that cancer cells eat sugar and that I will be cured by changing my diet to exclude the stuff I like. I listen to my body and it tells me that it wants a cookie, oatmeal with chocolate chips.

    Sorry to rant, but this has been a difficult conversation to have, among hundreds of diseased people, all trying to find something, intermingled with thousands of people who enjoy smoking weed, many of whom want to make a living by engaging in the sale of related products and many who already are. If you are selling a cannabis oil product and giving dosing instructions AND telling people to stop taking what their doctors are prescribing, you may be hurting or killing someone, so use some common sense. If you are a patient do the research yourself, using a legitimate resource for accurate data. The magazine articles are entertaining, especially the ones written by people trained in writing instead of medicine, but they are not good research data and can only give opinions and what sick people need is real medicine. All that being said, here is what I have decided to do. I am increasing my dose to around 650mg per day of high CBD oil made with R4/CW/R14er and 150mg of high THC oil made with a variety of mainly Indica strains.

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  17. Thanks for your interesting input 420 sorry to hear you also have health problems it's no fun, my wife was on hemodialysis for 13 years and came very close to death many times she received a kidney transplant at the last minute but now faces LGLL Leukemia only known to have been 100 cases world wide. The anti-rejection drug Tacrolimus caused her to develop drug induced diabetes type 2 and in my opinion may have caused her Leukemia just a huge F*ck up believe me. At this point Rick Simpson and co. recommend high THC Indica strains It would be nice to use Harlequin with the 1 to 1 ratio THC/CBD but this protocol calls for high THC. Successful Chemo at this point looks like it will give her 2-3 more years if she survives the treatment (50/50 odds), considering how sick the Chemo would make her it's hardly worth it but we will look carefully at what the Oncologist has in mind. So bottom line is Rick Simpson oil for now.
  18. She might like this, it helps me stay sharp and awake while heavily medicated. Supposedly you can titrate the dosage to remove most psychoactive effects, especially the morning lethargy from eating extracts before bed. It's also a nootropic for improved short term memory.
    Jarrow Formulas - Citicoline CDP Choline 250 mg.
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  19. I take Citicoline daily and have no noticeable side effects, but still get altered by cannabis. Same with CBD. It does not reduce the stone has been my experience. The Citicoline does seem to help clear some morning after mental fog, but I only take 1-2 per day.

    Sorry for the wall of text. Been overstimulated recently and considering an exit from the online stuff. Thanks for your cordial company here. :D