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Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques & Problems' started by greenthumb, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. greenthumb

    greenthumb Guest

    would it be possible to grow my bud to harvest in a aquaponics system?
    i like keeping fish theres something calming and hypnotic about them.
    if i could combine the two it would be perfect and no more worrying about the cost of nutrients just fish food!
  2. you "could" but "should" you? No.
  3. greenthumb

    greenthumb Guest

    why not exactly? the fish will be well looked after as they are integral to the system!
    so low maintainence organic.
    so why so negative?
  4. Jalisco Kid

    Jalisco Kid Guest

    If its a hobby go for it. If you need to produce meds it's insufficient. JK
  5. greenthumb

    greenthumb Guest

    fair enough.
    i do like keeping fish but my green is the first and the last makes life worth living i cant stand being around people so when i have to venture out to do shopping or doctors/psycologists office it helps keep me calm and helps to prevent me going back to jail!.and thats only got to be a good thing.well for me and the inocent sod that gets his head stamped on it is.
  6. The thing with aquaponics I never liked was the number of fish needed. Something along the lines of 8-10 fish per gallon of water, and gold fish were suggested against due to their PH needs. Feeder fish the most popular.
    Then, in order to get proper nutrition to the plants you either have to feed the fish a specific diet so they give you the right poop or still supplement with nutrients in the feed line.

    You could go Bioponics which is a similar system but no fish in the mix, just a strong biofilter. You add nutrients to the water that the biofilter breaks down for the plants to use. In this type system, done right, the PH will remain stable throughout the grow, only initial PH'ing required and the biofilter handles it from there.
  7. greenthumb

    greenthumb Guest

    well thats just got my interest i think ill look into bioponics a bit more.thanks shdowlkr
  8. I hate to link to another site
    But if you Google "Daltron Bioponics" you'll find what you need to know. He did a complete journal on the setup elsewhere, but it is soooo worth the read.
    He passed a few years back but dude really had a setup

    look for the one that says
    Bioponics : from bubblers to biobuckets
  9. breeder steve runs aquaponics for marijuana, so did 10k from overgrow, and another guy from another forum I've seen.

    breeder steve uses cichlids and has a interesting pH range of cichlids from 5.5-7.2 ish and keeps his pH around 6-6.5 he keeps oscars mostly and feeds guppies. he supplemented his water in a couple ways, he used dutch buckets which had a 1" layer of worm castings and such and he also added nutrients to the water which is fine so long as it doesn't kill your fish. another grow I saw used oscars and other amazonian cichlids and supplemented the water with dark or black river extract, look it up it's basically the tannis and stuff that tints your water greenish black it's not esthetically pleasing but it's far healthier for the fish.

    pH is very stable, there is always going to be a wide range of nutrients available and it's important to have plants at different stages of life so that you use an assortment of nutrients available. needless to say :angele most available will be nitrogen.

    Breeder steve claims to get yields rivaling traditional hydroponics and says it's because a ppm meter only measures dissolved salts but won't measure life which aquaponics is full of.


    personally if I ever go through with aquaponics I'd use cichlids, plecos, and scavengers - I'd be sure to populate the tank with plecos and scavengers before anything then add cichlids and such in.

    Cichlids/other fish id consider are pike cichlid, canna "snake head", oscars, and amazonian cichlids. I'd keep enough drift wood and rock (both are essential to keeping a stable pH) rock generally raises the pH and drift wood lowers it.
  10. what about adding algal feeders? i love the idea of aquaponics, but i'm worried about the fish dying with the ph fluctuations. it's probably a good idea to have a ph controller though.
  11. Yes i think Breeder Steve called it "guppyponics"......i wonder what ever happened to those little fishies...?

    Its a fantastic concept, i inspired my "guinea-pig guano" concepts....

    :flower: flower power from guineapig :flower:
  12. guppyponics doesn't imply that he used guppies

    he used oscars a large cichlid and fed them guppies.



    plecos are algae eatrs/sucker fish. the pH stays fairly stable from what I hear very easy to maintain it around pH 6. the fish can also tolerate pH swings because of their stellar water quality. (if they were to occur, which they wouldnt) if you look at bioponics systems their pH never has to be adjusted

    when you add a large amount of drift wood, gravel, and a large ass bio filter pH shouldn't be a problem, all that stuff buffers the pH. especially if you have a larger aquarium.
  13. I have grown well,
    search in the Spanish-speaking thread (bublegum bioponica)
    There are many misunderstood things about it.
    continued using this water to water my plants.
    ami the problem that when I ponder wing mount an integrated system ... asi ke me simply renews the water each week for 2 to 3 gallons x week
    requires some understanding of biology of water,
    but once understood is very simple and
    I never corrected the pH 7 to 7.2, conductivity around 400ppm important to monitor levels of nitrate, phosphate, nitrite, phosphite, GH means and not remember.
    nitrobacterias level around 20mlg/litro (x above 25mlg / l may cause hypoxia in the system )))))))
  14. maintain the pH at 6 is very difficult within an aquarium ahy problems of system integration are few fish that live in water so acidic (acidophiles belonging to the genre) and even harder to keep aquarium plants to these parameters. seeks to maintain the biological quality of water this is the real secret
    I have never seen the number of fish .......... saludos
  15. There's fish that live in pH 4-4.5 water.

    Amazonian cichlids, pike cichlids, plecos, scavengers (crabs,crawfish,etc), canna (snakeheads).... those are just to name the ones

    those will all be fine with pH as low as 6 fo sho.
  16. Acidic pH decreases the ability of oxygen utilization. ... decreasing the level of importance for our purpose nitrobacterias(ammonia oxidizing bacteria (genus Nitrosomonas (Nitrosococcus, Nitrosospira Nitrosolobus) and Nitrobacter (Nitrospina, Nitrococcus,) ..... nitrite-oxidizing
    and nothing left .... ke ahy ke I rearrange my head
    to within a little while .......... SALU22222
    ).The higher the temperature the lower the amount of dissolved oxygen. Increased
    temperature increases the need for oxygen by fish due to their increased
    metabolism, and more if you have received food. In cold water molecules bind more
    and retain more oxygen.The elevated oxygen also produces water species pathologies
    warm and cold
    Good oxygen availability: Low temperatures
    Low salinity
    Low turbidity
    Increased atmospheric pressure
    neutral or basic pH
  17. I should have quoted the bit on there being few fish to fit the bill. Temps, pH, and available o2 are things that fish keepers deal with.

    Oxygen = added either by airstones or a waterfall return.

    the nitrogen cycle is affected at lower pH's but by no means is it ceased anywhere near pH 6, pH 6 is about as low as you want to go anyways. if you want a stronger nitrogen cycle add more biofilter.
  18. subjetibamente think that strikes me more and more difficult to maintain connected the hydro and the aquarium if we start from the premise of the pH of the first ke deve haunt ya ke 6.2 there is a biological ceiling for freshwater aquariums around the pH of 6.5deviendo use a type of fish belonging ke ala acidophilus family ... ke us a practical problem arises in aquariums ph adactacion acid is difficult for aquatic plants to their environment. ke said these have a high biological value in the aquarium and water quality). nor does it seem a good idea to float the pH of the water x ejm. from 7.0 to 6.2 and ke it radically alters the water quality.
    ke I did was make the aquarium a 10 part (as indicated) weekly 15l more, less 30 l every 15 days I vat renewing the water in the tray instead ke asu conditions remained active in the process of biofilter. (plant watering regime had a 12/12 to coincide with daylight hours in flowering) and without sikiera or alter the pH of 7.00 ke was steady on the tray so simple .ke what I did was keep levels of ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, and low level nitrobacterias around 20mlg/litro (x above 25mlg / l may cause hipoxia may result in the system, because these bacteria consume oxygen ke causing a deficit in .)............ aquarium
    then introduced into a heating tray, and a similar filter pump wing ke use in my aquariums x last at the bottom tray (hydroponics) colok 1 cm layer of inert, porous substrate (we gravel for aquariums)
    finalidadde to encourage the growth of bacteria and ke water flows easily between the substrate providing oxygen to these aki ke also nest in colonies so necessary in this process of nitrification ............... ..........the problem was kind of luminosity imcopatibilidad photoperiod wing tank / plants ......
    a major issue on which devata ......
  19. greenthumb

    greenthumb Guest

    plain and simple goldfish are supposed to be the best and a lot cheaper than snakeheads to keep!
  20. And the last thing we need is a reason for more people to get snakeheads and release them into the wild mistakenly... damn fish, screwing up all the good bass waters here in VA!!