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Ardent Lift First Run And Continuous Review

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by Mr.jiujitsu, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Wanting to play with some decarbed flower and concentrate I went and bought the ardent lift at the advise of another member. I decided to run what would fit of some recently cured white widow. I set aside an oz and started to load it. This is fluffy and I weighted the product and will have to tare the container tomorrow to be sure of how much will be processed. A moment before I started writing this review I was filling out the return paper work. I had started this earlier and it never heated. I was disappointed but shit happens and I figured I would give it another try and exchange it. In the mean time I hooked it up again but in the kitchen. Right before hitting send I checked and the outside is warm to the touch. Somthing is happening! I’m not sure if I should be happy or concerned. I wonder if it was related to the surge protector it was plugged into, or that the room was 59f. Either way amazon has hastily free return on this for the rest of the month. I may return it anyways as I’m worried about it’s reliability- about it working period.

    More to come

    71560450-F569-40CD-8516-26AA797D0E43.jpeg F84EC7FC-FDB3-4304-890C-676A8BF513B0.jpeg 498456CA-6C6C-49CB-8030-5A723909DC6B.jpeg
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  2. What’s it supposed to do bro???
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  3. Activate 100% of the available thca in thc. It basically completely activated your cannabis. You can legit eat it and get high af from what I hear. Allows you make much more potent edibles. My goal was a efficient and high strength gummy.
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  4. Decarbed nicely from the looks. Added 1cup of oil to it (I’ll post actual weight of starting cannabis tomorrow). This is just the test run and I’m still waiting for my molds but I’m still excited. I know several friends are too as I reached out for some help testing for dosing amounts.


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  5. You may find this link interesting.

    Marijuana Decarboxylation: What It Is, Why You Need It, How To Do It

    ... According to the experts at Sensi Seeds you should decarb high CBD cannabis strains (defined as 90% or more of total cannabinoid content) for 15 minutes at a temperature of 220°F in order to dry the plants, and then 60 minutes at 250°F. for decarboxylation. As oils and isolates don’t need drying, I would just go with the 60 minutes at 250°F. for these, if needed at all.

    I myself find that 20-25 minutes on a cookie sheet in the middle of the oven @ 230 works quite well.

    Good Luck.
  6. Ive used mine for over a year. I do think i recall seeing it say to plug directly into wall. So surge protector may have caused its issues.
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  7. gwheels


    I have trouble nailing the decarb...i think precision works the best for most efficiency and least degradation of THC.
    Is it that much better than the cookie sheet ?

    I think maybe it is.
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  8. This morning I fired it up for a short period to ensure good viscosity and strained. I found that what I have read is basically true, I used 1cup of oil, and was left with 3/4 of a cup (witnessed 1/2cup being used and a return of 1/4 seemed average).

    I let the Lift cool and then cleaned and reloaded with the rest of the white widow oz. it is currently decarbing, when it’s done I will infuse the same oil I already used. In the end I should have 1oz infused into 1/2cup of oil (was originally hoping for 1oz to 1/4 cup of oil but that will be hard with this flower - easier on some of my more dense varieties)

    After decarb

    Oil B16E95DD-98CF-458A-A6AB-283A6E6F003E.jpeg
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  9. Not bad. I like the pictures the most lol


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  10. Agreed. If your product is destined for "Customers" then of course precision rules. If you are cooking edibles for personal consumption, then $$ are probably more important. I get plenty of effect in my muscle balm and whipped body cream. So for me and the folks I share with, it works. Like everything else on this site; use what works for you. I find a lot of ideas on which I do lots of further research to see if it fits what i am trying to accomplish.

    Please be sure to let us all know what you settle on. I am always interested in options and out-comes.

    P.s. use a timer, getting blitzed and forgetting you have stuff in the oven is tough on the wallet; a true buzz kill; AND your "other" will be pissed that the whole house smells.

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  11. Quick tip for ya. After you get what you can get out of your material throw all of it in a metal strainer. Pour boiling water over it slowly and collect below. Throw it in the fridge to separate and pull the block of coco oil off the top when your done. Youll get some of the reclaim out of the material. Good for balms and cooking as it may be a lower quality (waterlogged)
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  12. Love the color! :)

    Is this intended as an ingredient for internal consumption products or as an ingredient for external application products? The reason I ask is because of all the negative articles regarding the effect of coconut oil's impact on your blood fats and cholesterol when ingested.

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  13. Be careful with that coconut oil, it’s makes for a super potent product. High THC isn’t for me but I wanted to sample something I made with my canna coco oil and got high as fuck. Never again, haha
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  14. I’m making gummies. They say 1/4 oz per cup makes some pretty decent edibles. I have 1 oz of flower that should be infused into 1/2 cup of oil when I’m done. I’ll be useing 1/4 cup of it, and following the video below, for me I will be skipping the decarb and infusion parts as I’m using the Lift for both of these. I really like the idea of using my pressed pucks, but for now I’m using high grade, cured white widow. Instead of in candy molds I will be making a cookie sheet then cutting squares that hopefully will relate to .5g or 1g of decarbed flower. I’ll use that as a measure for dosing, which should help me understand end gummy weight to strength ration. That way when my gummies arrive I’ll be able to determine how many gummies to consume depending on what life has scheduled.

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  15. My pan set up and ready to have gummy liquid dumped on it.


    This is what I am using this round.

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  16. I agree with the above that it could be the surge protector. (I do NOT defend the poor build quality)

    Mine has been in use only a month now, but I love the results. That color is indicative of what properly de-carbed bud looks like imo. I used to do it in my pretty accurate oven at 220f for 40 minutes. I thought that my edibles were ok until I tried them again with the Ardent..It was a whole new ball game. This is not for my saving $$ or selling's about getting the best product that I can make after months of growing work.
    Originally I questioned if the unit had even rudimentary smarts..I am glad to report that it does. Most of my 1 month old cured bud took about 1h 45 minutes until the green light showed and it finished. Last week I tried some freshly DRIED bud..that time it took about 2 hrs and 10 minutes with a more noticeable amount of moisture under the silicon cap. (don't use Freshly cut).

    I also have smoked a decarbed bud next to a fresh one..The taste suffers a little (like vaping) but the effect seems more pronounced.
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  17. I’m with You @Buzzer777 it’s about getting the best of the best. We work hard to craft amazing flowers, and are willing to spend the time and money to produce the best products for personal consumption. Do our friends enjoy the benefits of being test monkeys- absolutely.
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  18. I’m definitely going to do this. Need a nice supply of lip balm anyways
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  19. All that’s required aside from a small sauce pan and Ardent decarbed and Infused oil.

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  20. As I wait for the last infusion to finish, here is what I use for filtering. Double metal screen, I have always used more filtering in the past (cheese cloth) but I feel this good. My material was de-stemmed but not ground.

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