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Atmosrx hash oil pen vaporizer

Discussion in 'Bongs, Pipes & Other Smoking Tools' started by Vaporhead215, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Anyone else have one and using it with the Omicron cartridges? Uses the same thread, but half the price.
  2. smokum


    Don't have either myself, but I can't see it not working if the threads are the same..... a 3.7v battery is a 3.7v battery regardless of mAh ratings which just means you will have to re-charge is more often.

    Sure wish someone could identify this thread size.. I'd love to find an adaptor to use the omicron cartridges on my 510 or 801 vv mods.
  3. I like the portability, but the cartridges have some problems, they tend to leak depending on what oil you have and some concentrates don't work well. I had some decent honey oil that worked good in the omicron cartridge, but then I got some expensive potent wax type stuff and it worked for a little while, but now won't give me anything considered a decent hit. I feel like I should have used this gram of wax to smoke off my ti nail.
  4. motherlode

    motherlode Moderator


    I been wondering how it would work given the different consistencies of oil
  5. I found it very frustrating when the more potent, more expensive concentrate doesn't work as well as a lower quality. But the honey oil that was stringy when messed with, worked great, had some leaking issues, but I think every other cartridge is going to leak at least a little, they advertise 4 for $50 and you get 1 free, because your bound to get a malfunctioning cartridge. I have seen on another forum that they might be coming out with a new cartridge next month, maybe? Supposively leak proof, but we'll see, Ill be the first to try it. For now, Im going to rely on my ti nail, so I don't waste even a point of oil.
  6. we are safe to say the most leaks are user error. Less then 1% is cartridge issue. Already have over 20k cartridges out there of all 3 generations. Generation 4 is in theory leak proof but there still will be the user error we cant plan for.
  7. They sell this in Colorado with co2 oil. The pen is great, but the oil is WEAK. I went through half a cartrigde before giving up. They gave me a new one, but it still didnt deliver. I got a refund on everything.

    I thought about putting my own oil in it, but didn't because I couldn't get an unused cartridge.
  8. The "oil" in the atmos cartridges are glycerin mixed. Oil and glycerin do not mix, so i dont know how they are mixing it, that is why the cartridges are weak. If you want to try the omicron cartridges they are fill your own.
  9. smokum


    Are you sure they mix with Glycerin and not Propylene Glycol ? Because THC oil can and will bond to the Carbon backbone via emulsification, where the polarized OH groups end up facing outward, forcing stability in the newly bonded molecule.
  10. i just got atmos rx and just ordered my omicron carts for it cause i have that ivapor rx n the u fill it carts for it blows
  11. ^^^tell it like it is.
  12. smokum


    It appears the threading on these are a reverse E9 (LTv9) thread & pitch (E9's use a female threaded cartomizer, where these are male threaded cartomizers).

    I took an Omicron cartomizer and found it screws in effortlessly into one of my old smoke51 cartomizers.

    The only thing I haven't confirmed at this point is whether they are the same polarity or not.

    So at least that is some headway for thread/pitch identification, but still need to figure out how to reverse it out and acquire an adapter to a 510 e-cig. I may order an E9->510 adapter from madvapes for shitsNgiggles playing around and see if that may work. Otherwise, I'm stuck trying to locate an old friend machinist that works at NRC to come up with something for me.

    Sure wld be nice to set these up to work with my variable voltage devices, let alone one of many 510 standard or high voltage e-cigs.
  13. Figure you'll get what you've paid for ;( I searched for a while and the only one I found to work was the omicron I've had mine for a while and F**KING LOVE IT I've had BHO, wax and budder, all worked great it's a learning curve to get use to not trying to rip the sh1t out of it but a couple baby 8-10 second pulls and you've got a hit equal to a vapor dome and I've noticed if you want those smaller hits at the club just don't heat the atomizer up as much but for those killer hits charge her a few times and get blasted filling not so bad either just get a cake frosting tip (metal) and use it to set the hash in and heat to a melt NOT A BOIL :(
  14. No doubt. You're definitely not alone in wanting to use an existing battery.

    Let us know how your adapter works out :evilgrin0040:
  15. countit