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Badass bulbs

Discussion in 'Growroom Design & Setup' started by tokinupon1, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. Just figured I would throw my opinion out there. I bought a badass 1000w bulb to run saved 20 bucks vs my usual hortilux bulb. Im running it side by side with a hortilux eye that had 1 harvest on it. I use 2 nextgen ballasts and I will have to say I'm not impressed. The packaging is nice but I will be switching back to hortilux buds just don't seem to be swelling like my hortilux side and I even swapped a few plants and the hortilux side is doing better. Now I'm no advanced hater I use a ton of there products. But my opinion is unless you saving by buying a badass bulb and really need the cash I wouldn't buy one.
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  2. jammie


    thanks for the heads up. can't see saving 20 bucks but losing weight
  3. You are right the packaging is superb! I guess no matter how much you polish a turd its still a POS.
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  4. 20101202-panda-poop-03.jpg
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  5. motherlode

    motherlode Moderator

    damn that was a a giant poop - not to mention one talented panda


    Yeah I almost bought a few of those bulbs - but with my shop discount it was so close I just went with the horti's
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  6. Look at that fine piece of shit.. Did that make sense? I would have bought that panda pile if I didn't buy this bulb. Maybe next harvest will see. On the plus side I got a super sweet bulb condom for my horti.
  7. Only bulbs I've liked using outside of horties are Digilux and Plantastars, these Badass bulbs probably have the coolest packaging I ever saw but I'll wait for the jury to render their decision on em.
  8. sfzoo


    thanks for the tip.

    punctuation and paragraphs. google it..

  9. I don't care guy shit talk elsewhere.
  10. That sock(Condom)lol for the bulb is super slick tho. Honestly tho Advanced needs to step their product name up. Badass? Really? Badass Bulbs? and badass ballast?..Really??...hahahahaha lol. WTF? I'm sorry but with all of their marketing efforts they could not come up with a better name than that? They should of done a play off of their already famous name "Advanced Nutrients". Maybe "Advanced Spectrum" "Advanced Lighting" "Advanced Lumens" "Advanced photosynthesis". Anything but Badass.
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    bah, my bad.

    just makes it hard to read is all..

    carry on.
  12. Ceramic Metal Halide, only comes in 400s but they have a the best specs ive seen. Also run cooler so u can get em closer. If u understand the inverse square law you will get what im getting at there also.
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  13. did you here about light meters. they measure the amount of light a bulb puts out. i use one and badass bulbs. and they work as well as hortilux. light meters do not lie. plus , what other bulbs give a 2 year money back guarantee. yet i only use my bulbs for 6 months before getting fresh ones. the price difference is big but the light is not that much different .
  14. i've had spectacular results with lumatek bulbs and ballast, i've had good results with sunleaves cheapo bulbs too, i can't wait to try out the new solis-tek bulbs with my solis-tek ballast. anyone try them yet?
  15. tattoojim

    tattoojim Unknown farmer Supporter

    i have been running bad ass...i did run ultra suns..just picked up some eye horts...
    at this point im gonna say the ultra suns were best, but i have not plugged in my eye horts yet..
    the badd ass seemed good for there first run, but seems like lumen out put has dropped alot after that run.
  16. umol-watt 1000w lamp comparison.jpg

    For a budget bulb, I have good results with Plantmax; for good thouies hortilux is the gold standard; and if you want the very best in HPS lighting for your plants, there is no beating Gavita's double ended bulbs with their special 400v ballast setup. I've spoken with several guys who run these now, and they are unanimous that these are head and shoulders ahead of any screw-in bulb out there. Gangsta! Gavita really feels like a sealed and vented hood over their bulb is some kind of crime, so for now the only reflectors available are open style. I'm feeling a bit of my old MacGuyver fever coming back though, and I might just have to see how one of these bulbs would work from inside a Magnum xxxl ocho hood!

    Oh, and they pay for themselves in bulb replacement costs alone, since the DE bulbs still emit over 95% of their initial lumen rating after three full years of 12/12 operation. I'm all for that just because of how much I hate replacing bulbs in the first place!

    Badass bulbs didn't show up on their chart; I wonder who makes them for AN?
  17. There is a pile of their broken wall mount fans at the grow shop I buy from. The owner said he is done buying their badass products. The fans are expensive as hell too.
  18. You could have 400 badass wallmount fans and I could care less. I was just stating what I saw at my local grow shop. There is a table set up against the back wall of the shop with all of the products that needed to be returned to the companies that produces them and there was a pile of broken fans under that table. I asked him what the deal was with the fanns and he said that he has had a lot of complaints and returns so he was done carrying them in his store.
  19. baba G

    baba G bean sprouts are tasty

    bud set and weight do not lie, light meters can be very cheap and not work well at all;)
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  20. baba G

    baba G bean sprouts are tasty

    I'd really love to see this lil study done without having gavita/phillips responsible as the author of that graph. I mean the phillips and ofcourse the gavita are 1st and 2nd, which they might just be, but would love to see an independent third party graph of the results, fwiw
    Another thing is that top phillips bulb says it is a 1000W bulb but it has results on the 600-750 watt boxes? I know I just woke up but that seems odd, but I do use Ushio and they are high enough on there to make that graph seem
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