Be carefull with cell phones, we have no rights ...

Discussion in 'Security' started by Slips, Dec 5, 2009.

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    The Death of the Individual

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    <---Owner of a T-mobile prepaid phone with no gps registered under a fake name and paid for with cash.

    if your gonna use one. use a prepaid one that doesnt even have you name on it. and obviously if its for those reasons, dont ever say names.

    you seen casino?? where they're talking about meeting with charlie the banker? its super easy, and like i just heard here a couple days ago

    an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care. SO TRUE. i need to find out who said that.
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    sms only!! do not talk!
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    Jesus H. Christ. Look, the government already knows a great deal about you, your use of cellular or internet aside. If you really want to become invisible, you'll have to do it like immigrants do, essentially fake your own death and start living like Ted Kaczinski.

    Truly, your best bet is to simply merge with the crowd and become invisible right under their noses. It's always what's right in front of you that's not seen. Blend in.
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    T-mobile or Blackberry pre-paid alll the waayyy, or you can look on the bright side, i don't think our government would ever chase us all the way to Jamaica! sahaha......oorr would they?
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    everyone should be reading Don Diva magazine it's not just about hiphop they cover this type of info every issue and the usually are covering stuff i've not even heard about yet and well before they become hot topics online...
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    Obama Admin was just trying to push through with warrantless GPS and cell phone tapping. The cell phone is because it goes over public air, and is therefore subject to interception (if I did it, I'd go to jail!). For GPS, they claim this is the same as having officers tail you but now they can do it with less people, more efficiently, and without being seen. Well...those are all good points but what stops you from just putting GPS and listening to everyone's cell phones in the poorer parts of towns? or on political opponents? or everyone?

    That's the worst advice ever. SMS are persistent. I've known people to go down like that, and code doesn't work.
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    I have known this info (plus scarier info) for a long time.. It literally takes people hearing things on the news to believe anything, but who owns the news? News, most of the time isnt news.. its just another minor form of brain washing you, without you realizing. The same goes with reality shows and those stupid celebrity gossip shows. People (for the most part) are not getting any brighter and tv shows and a heep of other crap isnt helping.

    My point? People(for the most part--I have run into a lot of brilliant THCfarmers) are getting so dumb and afraid of government that its happening at a gradual pace few can comprehend.People either dont realize whats going down or they are completely cynical of this shitty situation were in. The exception being the people daring enough to speak out about things and admit we need a change for the more peaceful / less greedy side of things.

    The lesson here? Never take anyones word for something.. do you're own research and do things out of the goodness of you're heart not expecting anything in return, thats the key :)
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    bad info here,,,its a written mesage forever then,,,wow
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    seriously worst advice ever
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    LOL Don't sms.
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    One would enable law enforcement officials to conduct surveillance on suspected individuals who switch communication devices, such as using disposable cellular phones. A second would let officials conduct surveillance on so-called "lone wolf" individuals--suspects not currently linked to any known terrorist organization abroad. The third would enable officials access to suspects' business transactions--rental cars, hotel bill and other credit card transactions.
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    Hows that "change" working out for y'all ?