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best butane to use?

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by Krypto1, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. since Colibri is out of business whats the next best butane to use?
  2. vector, or highly refined king
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  3. l33t


    yes vector is great , I highly recommend it
  4. gator


    Don't use Ronson or any crap from China.

    Spray some on a mirror and be sure it leaves no residue when dried.
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  5. Hia Guys!,

    does anyone know the best brands available that we can get our hands on in the UK?
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  6. i wish i could help ya with that one brotha
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  7. cheers bro, im sure a few UK'rs will pass this way and help out..


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  8. Hashmasta-Kut

    Hashmasta-Kut Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    colibri butane is still being sold to the best of my knowledge. colibri didnt make it.
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  9. budboy


    I think newport butane to be one of the purest in the uk
  10. ojd

    ojd Guest

    the best 1 ive found localy is newport says 99% impurities

    i found a list on in the hash section on icmag
    ive been using this for a while well over 100 cans and its the best
    but if you can get colibra or vcector get that(i cant find it in the uk)

    hope that helps sim
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  11. logic

    logic Administrator Staff Member

  12. hazyfontazy

    hazyfontazy Guest

    theres 1 called London thats 5 times refined ,,bloody hard to find though ,,i only saw it once on ebay ,i use perma and have never had 1 complaint other than they're too high
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  13. ojd

    ojd Guest

    that perma seems some nasty shit to me,not the worst but not as good as newport

    logic thanks for the link
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  15. hazyfontazy

    hazyfontazy Guest

    slow purge takes the shit away ,,newport was quicker purger i agree ,there not much in it ,
    , its all in the purge ,,
  16. well get some purged and up here!!! lol :rasta:
  17. hazyfontazy

    hazyfontazy Guest

    i lost me tube and me tyres still fucked ,,,i'm going to see if the glassboys will make me 1 ,a tube that is not a tyre,
    ,did u find yours ? if u did, why not bring em down and we'll have an oil making party ,dunno how ya gonna get here now the hempy taxi service has fucked off to spain ,its bloody inconsiderate if u ask me lol,

    where do u all throw ya empty cans ? i got a binbag full out me shed ,,the man at the waste site looked funny at me when i tried to dump em ,,dunno if he thought i was a raving gas sniffer or what ,,there was loads it was funny
  18. hazyfontazy

    hazyfontazy Guest

  19. Naa mate im gunna have to get a new one, i might look on okief again.. mmmm

    1.50 a tin for the newport will do for me..
    it works out 20 quid for 8 tins delivered.. just ordered some...

    so get a glass honeyoil tube done eh? mmmmm id like to see one...
    speak soon mate
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  20. It seems that Vector is recommended by plenty of folks, but when I do the mirror/glass test, there is still a visible coating after dried. Is there a governing body that makes sure the claims made by these butane companies are all true? Triple,quadruple refined? How do we know this? Seems fishy to me...
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