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Best Screen Size For Pressurized Bho

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by mtownshend, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. I have one of BVV closed column extractors (Link). It came with 150 micron screens, but since, I got smaller screens. At first I used the 100 micron and got better results. Like to experiment to find the best screen so I went ahead and got the other sizes for sale.

    Is there any 1 mesh size recommended for this?
    25, 50, 100 or 150 micron?

    I will be using it primarily with fresh frozen flower (Live resin)
  2. Dirtbag


    I would think if you wanted just resin, the smallest size possible would be the way to go.
  3. I use a 5 step filter stack 150-100-40-5-2 micron.

    Best of Harvest to ya!
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  4. thanks dirt, my thoughts as welll.

    Ansel, your pointing to a method that I was also thinking of... do a run with the 25, then at least another run with a larger screen. If the 25 micron is used, there has to still be some that doesn't pass through...

    I'd get at least 2 batches per run, but the first run will be the head stash, the rest can walk out the door I guess.

    *Found and article this morning that trichomes are in the 4-5 micron size, so the 25 should do the trick if it's packed and loaded properly with a good soak... will definitely be doing other runs to see what comes of the 150 or lower screens after 1 run.
  5. When I dry sift sweet leaf, I use 37 micron bag for press.
  6. The middle section is my 5 filter stack for my small unit. I duplicated the stack using 4" on my larger unit.
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  7. Dirtbag


    I'm a bit confused by this post, and honestly not sure that you understand how BHO works..

    First, bulbous trichs are around 15 or so microns, but the 2 different capitate resin heads are between 50-100 microns in size.
    Which is why you can catch them with a 33 micron screen for bubblehash.

    And I apologize if you know this already, but based on your post I cant honestly tell... with BHO (or qwiso) you are rinsing the oil out from inside these resin heads, you dont want the actual resin head itself, just the oil inside it. Think of it like this, imagine the resin head was a jar of honey. You're just taking the honey out of the jar. You dont want the jar. People who make bubble hash pres a bunch of jars of honey together. BHO, Shatter etc... Is just the honey.

    So screen size Should be less than 10 micron if you want to filter all the resin heads out and be left with just the clear BHO. But like Ansel suggested it's better to do a stacked filter so the butane passes through increasingly small filters as it leaves the chamber. Prevent it from clogging up with plant debris.
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  8. Makes sense to me. I am fairly new to all of this so my processing is specifically to create shatter. I know there are several "types". In particular my goal is the glass, snap shatter so i filter out as many impurities as possible. I am certainly in "learning mode" which is what i am getting here. Thanks all.
  9. Dirtbag


    I think you understand it just fine, But I think Mtown was under the impression he was extracting resin heads, rather than just the resin.
  10. I pretty much understand why the stacking, I tried a run with the 50 micron and there was a ton of the trichome stems clogging the filter. I have been using this extractor for about 6 years now, getting 25-30% return (tho a lot may have been trash flowing through the larger screen.

    I will look for the screen stacker dirt showed above. This is all for personal use, I can't afford an expensive attachment, I hope it's in my range, id like to get it clearer.

    thanks for alll the help, very useful.
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  11. If you are talking about the one i showed earlier; that is built from parts and pieces from the folks at BBV. If you want the parts list from my order i would be happy to post. That unit is my QP processor... I have another that does up to 1.5 lbs.
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  12. That would be great. I found some, not sure it’s as short. Thanks again
  13. Here you go. I used 1.5" for the small unit. Let me know if you need close ups or more info. My goal is snap shatter not bend-n-fold taffy (it is all good stuff, just my personal pref.). The rest ends up as vape juice & cooking additive.


    Meet Black Betty... aka FrankieII same gear (i use 3") filters instead of 1.5" but everything else is the same. The Degausing tank can hold up to 1.5lbs. So i adjust as needed.

    upload_2019-2-16_8-39-44.png upload_2019-2-16_8-40-37.png
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  14. Thanks, explains your rig much better. Off to bvvv.
  15. Don't get me wrong Frankie is not small. Each of the squares in the photo are 12' tiles. This one is without the degausing chamber which is 24" and 3" diameter.