best smoking device for earwax bho

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    I am trying to find a good source for quartz vials outside the custom realm. I know a guy that works quartz like a beast and he told me he can find a source on those. He made this...

    Quartz plate.jpg

    Custom Quartz swinging plate with hood. Piece by my friend BJ who rocks. Wax by me an my bro...:)

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    The only thing about glass is you can't get it as hot as quartz or titanium. Either of those vapes the wax. Glass one hitter bats are a big boo for wax in my book. You can smoke a dab on your bowl but that's about it it.
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    sick piece onespark - that wax looks pretty nice too
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    I'm always smoking my waxes outta my Zob bubbler 8 arm. TI nail and my own dome ( yeah i blow glass....) Best taste and really efficient !

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    heres a few pieces i made for bho....hope you likem and i hope its ok i posted these here,,peace LEAR
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    sick globe lear. i love checkin out your work
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    thanks for the kind words,,,glad you like it,,,,peace LEAR
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    the health stone rocks
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    Coming from you, an honor and a big thanks! Thats the purple trainwreck wax there. Hit me up if you are on a mountain bike trail in the rockies anytime soon. Happy to share the love with my friends far and near!

    Lear - you have some great work! Thanks for sharing. Your pieces are beautiful. I have a globe similar to what you posted and it is perfect. Beyond perfect really. First time getting stoned type of perfect with the right extracts. I want the piece in the first picture. So cool. Nice posts in here you guys. Dankroom I am digging your bowl too but never messed with Ti. Yay humans!
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    that quartz puddle is sick man.. definitely waaaaaaay better then dabbin off titanium. granted i still hit my old ti-swings, but i dont give a shit about health haha
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    your welcome man - trust me if I ever come to colo I will let ya know so you can watch me hack a lung on some tasty wax - lol

    shit man I used to be like you

    think it was george burns who once said "If I knew I was gonna live this long I would have taken better care of myself!"
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    its always the peeps who dont give a shit about health who end up living the longest.. just think of that 90 year old woman who still smokes 3 packs a day and curses like a sailor.. gotta love it :)

    obviously health concern is primary for us these days.. smoking off titanium is in no way healthy. it off gasses just like every other metal does.. but surgical grade titanium is a material that off gasses in very minimal amounts.. so i would think it would still be WAY healthier then burning flowers. either way, ti-swings will soon be a thing of the past.. those quartz puddles are where its at. globes too as long as u got a quartz nail.
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    I enjoy water pipes or bubblers to smoke wax out of over regular pipes like in the last picture it keeps the hits cool and allot less harsh and you defiantly want to get a good torch or a heating rod. heating rods are nice they end up costing less in the long run because you don't use up all that butane in the torch. as for the titanium nails they always seem to give off a weird taste to me defiantly go with a quartz nail. I found these ones at an online head shop that is north american based I ended up getting the one in the third pic.
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    I use a volcano digit set at 380 use the liquid pad what would be one dab just turned into six bags and each one will be full the volcano is worth every penny next I use a PAX by ploom put nugg on the bottom last I have a Möbius stereo type matrix stemless with an Highly Educated Titanium Infiniti Nail with a vector jet flame torch
  16. Mothership Glass Ball Rig. Best daily driver wax rig money can buy.