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Best Thing For Newbies Like Myself...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Indoornewbe, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. My brain board........Best thing ive ever done growing for 3 plus years.....Just my opinion.
  2. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    You gave it all away! Lol!
    Welcome to, The Farm!!
  3. Taking good notes is key. I use legal pads and post it notes to keep track of multiple strains in different stages of growth.

  4. CrimsonEcho

    CrimsonEcho Premium Member Supporter

    I keep a journal here and all the information i have is there..
    Tho i admire your persistence, i just got tired of it after the first grow :)

  5. I can jot notes and a to do list for the next day faster than keep a journal. But whatever is easiest and works for us each is best.
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  6. Jack og

    Jack og Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to the farm! And great job on keeping notes bro! Helps ya when things go south to go back and see what and where the changes may have affected it!!
  7. Not as much as you guys bro..... Just the basics here right ? Only way I know or have been showen... Lol
    I just thought of this honestly helped me more then anything. Maybe just should show some newbies like me...... What I think my best advise would be. Cause the last thing I wanna do here is give someone advice not really knowing about it, just that it works for me LOL.
    So really it's all the advice I have ......
    Gave it all away....... LMAO
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  8. I also keep a complete journal on each individual strain that I keep in my rotation. A few a pop, don't like em, no journal for them....Lol. Others I know I'm gonna keep def go into my holy books..... Love to get my hands on you're journals bro !!
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  9. CrimsonEcho

    CrimsonEcho Premium Member Supporter

    I’m an open thread, read me :) methodical work is very precious for sure. I have been growing plants for 20 years. Not cannabis, mostly flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and etc. i think the only reason i’m doing well with cannabis at the moment is that background and i think the greenthumb thing is a real thing. I’ve seen people killing cacti. Cacti that survives in a desert :)
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  10. Keep this board showed me that giving calmag a week earlier in flower makes them produces good amount more from the ones I don't calmag till week 3. But if giving end of week one, before the stretch is done, they seem to have bigger flowers quicker and an overall of a Q to a half z more then the others that don't get it till I know it's done stretching.
    I've really noticed how well Rapid Start works for me. ... Huge. I was trying a few uncolents from different company's that took my ph way down and needed a lot of silica blast to bring it back up to 6.2 where I run mine at.
    Was using Canazym, Hygrozyme and a few others and keeping track of each. The simplest one, 1.333 miles per gallon in veg blows them all away.... Only way I knew was cause of keeping track on my board.
    It helps me way more then I thought it would. No way I could do 7 to 10 strains without it.
    Most my girls are on the same program so it's pretty easy. But when ones a Nitro Sucker like OGB and another doesn't need any Nitro, PCH cause my roots organic has enough for it my boards my only hope of coming close to the details lol.
    I have a costume strain, Cinderella 99 X Mango Kush, she's the only one I need to watch sometimes and calls for more PPMs and calmag then others at times. Some come out awesome imo, some could be better I'm sure, but on the whole it works well for me. I came here so I can post this winter about individual strains and see what I can learn from the guys who have experience with them. Hopefully, I'm sure, you guys can help me when I'm ready to cut back to 5 or 6 max and try and treat each one in their own and get them tuned in. I think I went overboard alittle when my wife said I could have the walkin closet..
    Was like I can fit 18 np. Cool !!!!!
    Mistake as far as I'm not really ready for that lol. I want quality not quantity....
    And the only way is a board to fine tune each strain and pros like you guys helping me out !!
    You maybe sick of me this winter.... Just a heads up....... Thanks for your reply Jack and others!
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  11. I wish there was a love button for comments.... Thank you very much I will for sure.
    Funny that I do tomatoes, cucumbers and other veggies, no where near as long as you....I used my roots organic this year in the veggie garden..... CRAZY HUGE RETURNS. I live on old farmland and the soil is great I've been told.... RO busted that soils ass.......Thank you for letting me know I can look at your journels.... I SURE WILL. Awfully nice of you to do that for guys like me.

  12. CrimsonEcho

    CrimsonEcho Premium Member Supporter

    Aww come on, you gonna make me blush :)
    Growing anything is fun and fulfilling. Since i was a little boy, i spent at least a month working in the fields of my hometown and always had an urban garden at my house where you have to make the best of every bit of soil and every plant.
    I guess i have been preparing for growing cannabis indoors unknowingly :D
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  13. Hahahahaha..... Riot bro !
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