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Best Value Vac System

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by lollipopman, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Looking to buy best value vac closed loop system and vac oven. Any one here use them or what is y'all's thoughts on their stuff..
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  2. I just bought a passive system closed loop through best value vacs. They have great customer service.
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  3. What size system did you buy? Thinking about getting the lb size closed loop with oven..
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  4. I bought the 90-270g closed loop scalable extractor kit, with the closed loop 1lb upgrade kit, and the 1lb dewaxing column which is a separate upgrade.
    buying it this way gives u multiple sized columns and its a lil cheaper than just getting the 1lb kit. Now if u wanna save more cash buy the yellow recovery tank, gauges and the vac pump somewhere else (HVAC supplier or online) It will save u some paper. I also bought the 4 chem resistant hoses to make this a active system with a recovery machine.
    One thing that helped me was a high capacity scale to weigh the recovery tank and the butane. it makes it easier to know when all the tane is in the tank or the collection base. I bought a refrigerant scale it ways up to 220lb while being rather accurate +/-10g
    The recovery machine they offer is suppose to be sparkles. It says on the warning label of the recovery machine do not recover flammable or combustable liquids or gas. I could not find anywhere in the owners manual where it says sparkless recovery machine. My stoner guess would be most recovery machines are sparkless. all it takes is one spark and ur going to be sky high and not from the concentrates..
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  5. I bought there vac chamber a while back.. They do make good shit.. and priced fair.
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  6. I too purchased their vac chamber . Quality stuff.
  7. kenny


    i like the idea of the recovery tank
  8. Hey is there a thread for the wait list? LMFAO
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  9. I've purchased several chambers from them. It maybe quality gear at a decent price, but EVERY chamber I have purchased from them I've had issues with! unfortunately I believe it's mainly due to the way they pack their items to be shipped.
  10. They do have a great customer support team thou!
  11. I ran their 3g chamber for years and years w/o any issues. I did rebuild and retape the threads on the air rail. Also bought the sticky mat pid heater.
  12. I have there 3 gal wides, they work fine, except one of the gauges is stuck on -5, non of them vac the same ( at least by the reading on the gauge and the time it takes to vac to that pressure), everyone of them have scratches and two of them have some deep ones, and the very last one I picked up has a bent valve..
    When I spend money on new products I expect for them to work and look like new.
    Maybe I'm just unlucky with the shipping, anyone else have these issues?

    Also, the pid heater mats from them, seem to have a lot of hot spots, they're not accuate ( I have three side by side and non of them are set the same to get the same heat) and if you unplug them, they'll sky rocket past where they're set to be and then work themselves down. Just things I need to fully understand while trying to grasp perfection I guess..
  13. If you unplug a heater, how does the heat go up with no power to make it?
  14. I'm sorry for the poor explanation,

    * If you unplug the heater, then plug it back in; or, power outage, circuit flip, etc, they will try to catch up to the setting as quick as possible(I believe) but by doing so it will get up to ( for example) 108+- and then work it's way down to it's setting at 98.

    Have you, or anyone else experienced this?
  15. Yes, your supposed to give it a 30 mins for the overshoot temp to level off. It even says that in the instructions. Unless you have a fancy pid like graywolf, most all do this. Even my old rosin plates pid did this. My 1700 1.9cu' vac oven says wait for a 1hr warm up so it levels off the temp.
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  16. Thank you for the heads up, I must have over looked this in the piece of paper they gave me, it also does this slightly
    when the heat is adjusted.
    May I ask, is there a way to adjust the off set, so that it reads what it actually is, or is this something I need to just account for?
  17. Not that I'm aware of. As with any heating appliance, most of the times there's an overshoot. You just have to give it a 30 min of follow mfg instructions for the temp to level off.
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  18. Go through there website and buy it piece by piece you save a small fortune I saved over 1500$ on my 1/4 lb unit
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  19. I double checked the paper work they sent me with the heat pad and it says nothing about waiting for temp to level off, it does say wait 15 min when you're doing the initial offset test with the black strips. Guess I figured that was for it to work itself up to the temp, not flying past set temp then working it's self down. I've never dealt with that with any of my other heating elements, so I was caught of guard.
    Thank you for expandng my knowledge!
  20. I'd really like a closed loop system! Unfortunately I don't think that it's feasible this is just a hobbie, and make it so I'm able to make my own medication since dispensary concentrates get super expensive..